iOS Charge Up Pack—No Excuse Not To Have Extras Now [Deals]



This is short and sweet for a Sunday. Have an iOS device with a 30-pin (old school?) connector? Have extra chargers, car charger, cable, or headphones? No? You should. Keep a set in your car. Keep a set in your bag (a set that doesn’t come out of your bag except on the go). Right now we’ve got a power bundle for $20—Stay Charged With The iOS Power-Pack Bundle: Charging Adapters, Headphones, & an Apple Dock, Oh My!—than is just the ticket to have extras around. Snap this up, it’s a great deal.

Productivity Bundle 11 Great Apps, Themes, & Graphics [Deal Ending!]



Need to round out your app toolkit? New a few new WP themes? How about some graphic elements for projects? Oh yes, it Productivity bundle time and we have another fantastic value pack for you—The Mac Productivity Bundle 2.0: Get 11 Best Selling Mac Apps & Design Goodies For One Shockingly Low Price.

Remember, picking up bundles isn’t about needing all the apps, but needing a few of the apps or goodies that you need right now and tapping into the others when you need them.

Sport Earbuds For Runners And Athletes [Ending Soon]



“I’d probably like a pair of those.” That’s what my wife said when she saw this deal. My wife has taken up running and doing quite well at it. She is, however, going through ear buds on a regular basis. Other runners I know have the same problem. Earbuds that fall out, wear out, aren’t comfortable, all that.

Well, looks like these earbuds might just fix that—The Active Lifestyle Earphone Package From MEElectronics: Stay Locked-in for Every Beat With The Sport-Fi S6 Earphone Set.

Over 200 Online Courses At Your Fingertips With Total Training [Deals]



Which app has you stymied? You know the app that no matter how hard you try you just can’t “get”. For me it’s Illustrator. Not that I a) have it or b) have needed to use it very often, but when I’m faced with a vector graphics app, I’m just stuck.

Now, you and I both know that really knowing apps is the key to success in our business. Doesn’t matter what you do, you use apps and you need to know them. Period. The challenge always finding the time to learn the apps when you have, well here’s an idea for you—Develop Software Expertise with Total Training: A 1 Year Subscription to 200+ Award-Winning Online Software Training Courses

Learn WordPress, Joomla, And Drupal In One Fell Swoop [Last Chance]



If you create websites these days there are a few big players who dominate the field—WordPress (my fav), Drupal (my second choice), and Joomla (not one of my favs, but…)—and while all of them are pretty easy to get, they have their own quirks and tricks that you need to learn to get the most out of them. I should know, I write books on WordPress…

But I digress. The thing is that while making great sites isn’t hard, having some guidances to help you along makes things a lot easier. Hence…Learn To Build Websites With OSTraining: Get 1 Year Of Unlimited Access to Over 800 Online Tutorials That Will Teach You How to Use WordPress, Joomla & Drupal.

Entrepreneur’s Guide To Customer Development eBook [$25 Freebie]



While I’ve been involved in a lot of start ups, I’ve never started one of my own. Frankly, I don’t think I’m really the entrepreneur type. Which is okay, because not everyone can (or should) be. That said, I do believe there is a lot to learn from the entrepreneur mindset and process.

One of the key parts to all businesses are gaining and understanding your customers. This, however, is something that alludes a lot of us. I’m thinking that this free ebook might be able to help—The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Enhanced Customer Development: This Free Ebook is a Must-Read for All Entrepreneurs.

Last Day to Cash in on Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle! [Deals]


StackSocial NYOP Email2

We’ve got a first here folks. Today, we have a “Name Your Own Price” (NYOP) bundle of 9 awesome Mac apps like Forklift 2, Typinator, MacFlux 4, and a little twist. See, in addition to naming your own price (yes you can even buy it for a $1, though the suggested prices is $49), 10% of what you spend goes to either EFF, charity water, or Stand Up To Cancer.

See? Sure you might want to just name a cheepo price for the bundle…but that means a great charity gets less money too. Hmmm.

$5 Friday: Tiny Bang Story Immersive Puzzle Game [Deals]



It’s $5 Friday and we’ve got our first game deal for you!

Tiny Bang Story is a complex, immersive puzzle game based on a little moon with a big problem. This Steam-powered game can be yours for just $5 today, and if you like puzzle games, that sounds like a deal to me—Your Game On With The Tiny Bang Story: Help Restore the Lost Beauty & Population of an Entire Planet](

Six Great Bottles Of Wine For Half Off [Deals]



You know what the real secret is to developing a taste and palette for great wine? It's trying a lot of wine and just learning what you like and don't like. I'm pretty lucky that I live about a 5 hour drive from one of North America's best wine regions—The Okanagan Valley. My wife and I try to go about once a year to go to our favorite winneries and try a few new things. Of course we also tend to bring back a lot of wine as well.

You might not be so lucky. You might not live close to a wine region or you just have a little trepidation about going wine tasting (believe me the science and geekiness of wine making is amazing in itself!). So what then? Okay, well how about you get to pick 6 bottles of wine and have them shipped to you? And you get help picking them out too. Now that's a deal. Oh wait, that is today's dealPremium Wine Delivered From Club W.

Clean Up iTunes with TuneUp [Ends Today!]



My iTunes collection is a mess. Ripped CDs, music transferred through home sharing, obscure collections, and then there is the classical and opera that I enjoy. Gee I wish there was a way to fix all the “Track 1 by Unknown Artist” music that I have. And duplicates. Yeah I have some when I pulled in whole albums but already had a few singles. I’m not a huge cover art fan, but gray boxes are boring. I wish I could fix them…

Oh wait—Cleanup Your iTunes With TuneUp: Clean & Organize Your iTunes Music Collection in Just a Few Clicks

P.S. My iTunes is still a mess…maybe I need to get my stuff together…