Robocopter GST Special Edition [Deals]



Ready for take off? Maybe fly a little radio controlled helicopter around the office? Buzz over marketing. Hover by the coffee area. Take a break in the parking lot or a park. Yep, these little RC copters are very cool.

Last Christmas we had these in an Apple retailer I was working at (different brand and packaging, but pretty much identical copters) and with a little practice, these are really fun to fly around. In fact so fun that I’ve thought about picking up one for myelf just to mess around with. Well maybe here’s my chance—Fly High With The Robocopter GST Special Edition: Have Fun Flying a Powerful Toy Helicopter Around Your Office

From using one of these copters for a while I’ll tell you right now they take practice to get the hang of. If you’re thinking your ten-year-old would love one, you’d be right—mostly. Younger kids will love the idea of them, but once they start trying it, they might get pretty frustrated. Oh and there’s a good reason extra blades and such are included in the package because (as you can imagine) these copters don’t take kindly to hitting walls (trees, rocks, or other immovable objects) at full tilt.

That said…

It is super fun to fly. I noticed that the company selling them has the iPhone connector available (which interestingly works through the headphone jack) with the companion iOS app. This is how I used the copter before and this might also be part of the learning curve skill level portion of learning to fly the copter. The package here comes with a regular remote (which might make it easier to fly).

My advice…oh do check it out. And really think about it, because it’s a really fun toy to play with.