Paradox iPod nano Stainless Steel Watch Band Kit [Deals-Ending Soon!]



If you have one of the new touch-screen iPod nanos, then you know one of the cooler things you can do with it is to wear it as a watch. I mean all it needs is a front-facing camera and you have a Dick Tracy watch!

Of course one of the problems I’ve seen with iPod nano bands (remember I worked for an Apple retailer for a while and I saw lots and lots of samples) is that they just look…terrible. Most of the time the band is just a pop in-pop out kind of system that makes the watch band more of a wrist-mounted carry strap than a real watch band. This Paradox watch kit seems to be a horse of a different color. A kit that gives you the power of your nano in the sleekness of a watch. Hmm.

This deal is pretty simple. The watch kits are usually $110 and we have it for $69 and you can choose from stainless steel, white, or 24K gold (sorry folks Shipping in the Continental U.S. only).

Unlike the snap-in, snap-out straps, this kit has screws to keep things together. You get a real watch housing, with a convenient flap to keep the dock connector protected. Frankly, if you’re going to have a nano watch, you should at least have a nano watch that looks like a watch.

Check out the site, the pictures, and info and then come back and see that you can get something pretty stylish for a great price.

Paradox Watch For Your iPod Nano

  • TylerHoj

    And it came out just in time for Apple to change the iPod nanos body! I have my sources.

  • seaaalex

    Quick buy are stock of soon to be outdated watch bands …. LOL

  • Rygaard

    “Available for continental USA customers Only” – BAHHH

  • Zeteboy

    What Is Canada a foreign land? Complete fail.

  • SupaMac

    So I’m assuming Alaska is included as a shipping destination, as you stated “continental U.S. only.”

    Perhaps you were trying to say “contiguous U.S. only”?

  • Avatib

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