Clean Up iTunes with TuneUp [Ends Today!]



My iTunes collection is a mess. Ripped CDs, music transferred through home sharing, obscure collections, and then there is the classical and opera that I enjoy. Gee I wish there was a way to fix all the “Track 1 by Unknown Artist” music that I have. And duplicates. Yeah I have some when I pulled in whole albums but already had a few singles. I’m not a huge cover art fan, but gray boxes are boring. I wish I could fix them…

Oh wait—Cleanup Your iTunes With TuneUp: Clean & Organize Your iTunes Music Collection in Just a Few Clicks

P.S. My iTunes is still a mess…maybe I need to get my stuff together…

Right, you figured out where this was going. It’s in the title of the post! Regardless we have TuneUp on sale for $30 (save $20!). You get all the tools you need to clean up your iTunes library once and for all. If you’ve invested time and money into all your music, but you can’t find and organize what you have, that doesn’t let you tap into the tunes you want, when you want them.

Key TuneUp Features

Accurately fixes mislabeled or missing song information (like “Track 01” or “Unknown Artist”) using cutting-edge waveform recognition.

Cover Art
Scans your entire music collection in seconds and automagically™ fills in missing album artwork.

Intelligently finds and removes duplicate music files from your music library using waveform recognition.

Delivers music videos, artist bios, concert alerts, social network integration and more.

New Feature Inside Tuniverse
Lyrics: view lyrics to your favorite songs as they’re played in iTunes and Windows Media Player!


“TuneUp is an awesome plug-in that hooks into an online database and analyzes your incorrect track titles and automatically renames them for you.” – WIRED

“Quite possibly the most important piece of software any music lover can buy.” – UNCRATE

“Does it work? It does. I had about a thousand songs with crazy titles. The system cleaned most of them up in about ten minutes.” – TechCrunch

“Aside from its cool retro rocket-man logo, the service offers nothing short of a complete overhaul of your iTunes library.” – MTV

This deal isn’t going to be around as long as many of the other deals we have, so take this Saturday and get your iTunes library into shape.

  • Eurofag

    Is it effective with obscure (ie anime, jpop) music. Half of my library is filled with that.

  • Mohammed Alhassan

    try Tagalicious it’s free!

  • Tashfin Ahmed Chowdhury

    So, why is it that whatever functionality TuneUp offers isn’t part of the default behaviour of iTunes in the first place? Oh wait, Apple really is in desperate need of our cash, right?

  • lowtolerance

    TuneUp Media are a bunch of fucking scam artists. Don’t give them a nickel.

  • Steve Mcintosh

    I hate this program! It puts a note on every song “Cleaned up by TuneUp” No way to remove it. Looks like sh*t when you’re playing music through your Apple TV on a 60 inch monitor. IMHO, avoid this product unless your the type of person that puts stickers on everything you own.

  • Bob Smogango

    I get a lot of soundboard recordings from Wolfgangsvault or when i need album art from a ripped CD, I simply get album art from a website like CD Universe or Amazon or get a picture that represents what the content is and then copy and paste it into the track with Get Info. It’s a little time consuming, but if you do as you put the content in, it’s not so bad. I’d have to do it regardless of the music library app i was using anyway, because some audio content simply has no art work for it.

  • danieldantastic

    This app is useless if you collect anything beyond top 40 drivel. I’d go so far as to say that it damaged my library, replacing real artwork with garbage that happened to match a keyword search and weird metadata.

  • Atienne

    I think it works well enough But…

    Do not use if you use iTunes match. It apparently does not do well updating the library.xml file. Will re-download dups from iTunes.

    The Disable upon startup switch does not work. You turn it off and it still starts up when you open iTunes.

    You can remove the “Cleaned up by TuneUp” in the comments by selecting all, hit get info, and putting a blank space in the comments field. Should be an option to turn off or at least customize the message.

    Finds some files but cant update them. Seems like another issue with updating the .xml file.

    Has not been an updated in a while. Seems like they are sitting back collecting money and not developing any more.

    Few other weird issues.

  • Atienne

    AND…. I agree with the comment that if you have a very large library it’s kind of useless. I am a DJ and my collection is 100+ GB. Seems to choke on it a lot of the time.

    You can run DE-DUP, go through the process and then run it again and it will come back with the same dups that it said it deleted the first time.

  • grouver

    I hate this program! It puts a note on every song “Cleaned up by TuneUp” No way to remove it. Looks like sh*t when you’re playing music through your Apple TV on a 60 inch monitor. IMHO, avoid this product unless your the type of person that puts stickers on everything you own.

    There is a way to clean it … use Tagr and you can clean all the songs in your library.

    That said .. TuneUp Media is the biggest piece of shait I have used on my Mac. The Application is painfully slow and insanely expensive. I did pay the ridiculous price and it took over 2 days of constant running to “clean up” my library which by the way is organized in folders by artist and album …
    The result of the 2 days work was nearly a thousand songs with wrong tags and most of them actually already had the correct tags. So naturally I asked for a refund of the $40 or so that I paid. The only good thing about TuneUp Media is that they do give you a refund! Other than that I was told that I can revert all the changes made, which surprise surprise took almost a day … joy for me … 3 days without being able to use my music library

    SO do yourself a favour and stay away from this thing. Oh and also this is NOT a native OS X application!!!