Create Stunning Websites With The Web Dev Power Pack Bundle [Deals]



Remember how I was talking recently (like, umm, yesterday) about getting good tools in your toolkit? Apps that you might not need right now, but you’ll certainly need later? Not to mention that the apps (or bundle) are at a great price. Right. Well today is another of those times/deals—The Web Dev Power Pack Bundle: Get Three Mac Apps + 1,001 Design Assets That Will Turn You Into a Master Web Developer.

You get three solid apps plus a ton of clip art (don’t think for a moment that you won’t need some clip art at some point) for $89. It’s a nice, and inexpensive, way to get a solid dev environment started.

You get:

  • image editor
  • code editor
  • form builder (forms always mess me up)
  • 1001 clip art images (why always 1001 or 501?)

If you’re unsure about buying these apps straight away…no worries. Go to the CoffeeCup site and download trials and give them a shot. Just because it’s a great deal doesn’t mean that you just have to get it now. You’ve got time to try the apps and then buy them.

Unlike things like $5 Friday, which ends pretty soon or the NYOP bundle which ends in less than a week.

Take a look, try the apps, and I’m getting you’ll find at least one of the apps worth your time.