Create Stunning Websites With The Web Dev Power Pack Bundle [Deals]



Remember how I was talking recently (like, umm, yesterday) about getting good tools in your toolkit? Apps that you might not need right now, but you’ll certainly need later? Not to mention that the apps (or bundle) are at a great price. Right. Well today is another of those times/deals—The Web Dev Power Pack Bundle: Get Three Mac Apps + 1,001 Design Assets That Will Turn You Into a Master Web Developer.

You get three solid apps plus a ton of clip art (don’t think for a moment that you won’t need some clip art at some point) for $89. It’s a nice, and inexpensive, way to get a solid dev environment started.

$5 Friday-Logoist Logo Creator [Deals]



Quick, you’ve got five minutes and no budget and you need to great an interesting logo/graphic/text graphic for a presentation. Now generally I’d say you’d be hooped, however if you had taken a couple minutes and $5 today, I’d say you’ll probably be okay.

See, today’s $5 Friday app is Logoist—Easily Create Stunning Images With Logoist: Develop Professional Quality Images With Ease—and I remember trying this out a while back for a regular priced deal. I spent about 5 minutes and had something that I would be happy with for a presentation or a website mockup. Therefore, if you take a moment and grab this deal now, you’d got another tool in the kit. Another Hawkeye coolio arrow in your quiver to pull out when the need arises.

Robocopter GST Special Edition [Deals]



Ready for take off? Maybe fly a little radio controlled helicopter around the office? Buzz over marketing. Hover by the coffee area. Take a break in the parking lot or a park. Yep, these little RC copters are very cool.

Last Christmas we had these in an Apple retailer I was working at (different brand and packaging, but pretty much identical copters) and with a little practice, these are really fun to fly around. In fact so fun that I’ve thought about picking up one for myelf just to mess around with. Well maybe here’s my chance—Fly High With The Robocopter GST Special Edition: Have Fun Flying a Powerful Toy Helicopter Around Your Office

BodyGuardz Moxy Earbuds With Mic [Ending Soon]



Oh sure now Apple decides to improve their ear buds! I haven’t tried them, but I’m not convinced. Regardless of the hype around the new Apple earbuds (I’ll have to try the new design, right now my Apple ear buds are purely “backup” when all other options aren’t available), I think it’s worth checking out earbuds from folks who just do earbuds.

We’ve had BodyGaurdz here before, but I think this is the first time we’ve had a pair with a mic—BodyGuardz Moxy Earbuds With Mic—which is a must-have for me. See I don’t want to carry a set of earbuds for music and something else for calls (or worse have to use the iPhone or iPad mic for calls when using earbuds). It’s about having a compact kit, you know?

Four Months Of Coffee Samples For $30 [Deal Ending]


How MistoBox Works - Coffee Sample Subscription Box- MistoBox

Mmm coffee. I start my day with a triple Americano that I make at home (Nespresso FTW), but weekends I often make a pot of coffee. Maybe a nice French press pot or the classic auto-drip. There is one thing for sure, you can’t make a good pot of coffee if the coffee you buy is crap.

We all have our favorite coffees we buy as a treat to ourselves, how about finding and trying some new ones for a few months! How about a sample of four coffees a month for you to try? I’m craving another mug myself just thinking about this deal—Sample Delicious Coffee With MistoBox: Get 4 Micro-Roasted & Fresh Whole Bean Coffee Samples Delivered to Your Doorstep Every Month for 4 Months

Tune Up Your Mac Free eBook [Freebies]



Weekends are made for chores, right? Now, when was the last time you spent any time tending to your Mac? We rely on our Macs for work and fun, but do you keep it running at its peak? There are some easy things you can do, and we know most of those things, but are always new things to learn.

So pick up today’s freebie—Speed Up Your Mac Ebook Freebie: Discover 99 Free Ways to Speed up Your Mac With This Free Ebook—and get your Mac into shape today.

$5 Friday: BLT Website Link Checker [Deals]



Oh how I dread broken links on the websites I make. Back in the day it was a lot easier to botch a link, today with WP and other awesomeness it’s harder… but not impossible. Of course, if you’re still creating sites old school you need to have a good link checker handy.

So how about one for $5? Yep we have BLT link checker on sale for $5. What’s that? A latte? An Americano and a scone? Balance the caffeine with knowing that your client isn’t going to find a broken link on the site you just finished. Thought so.

SoL® Hybrid Battery Pack for iPhone 4/4S [Deals]



For those of us not obsessively checking delivery status for iPhone 5s, here is a power pack for the iPhone 4/4S that might strike your fancy—Stay Charged With The SoL Hybrid Power Pack.

I have a couple different battery packs (I’m giving an extra to a friend), but they charge the “old fashioned way” through a USB cable to the wall (or computer, but you know). A solar charger certainly has a lot of appeal. You can just leave it charging cells up and keep it topped up all day. Very cool.