Last Day to Cash in on Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle! [Deals]


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We’ve got a first here folks. Today, we have a “Name Your Own Price” (NYOP) bundle of 9 awesome Mac apps like Forklift 2, Typinator, MacFlux 4, and a little twist. See, in addition to naming your own price (yes you can even buy it for a $1, though the suggested prices is $49), 10% of what you spend goes to either EFF, charity water, or Stand Up To Cancer.

See? Sure you might want to just name a cheepo price for the bundle…but that means a great charity gets less money too. Hmmm.

Okay first the apps, because the bundle won’t really get your attention without great apps:

  • MacFlux 4
  • ForkLift 2
  • Typinator
  • iDocument
  • iClip
  • MacCleanse 3
  • Sparkbox
  • Jaksta
  • skEdit

I think there is something there for everyone. FTP client, coding tools, web site tools, utilities, entertainment, document and image management, it’s really a “get these and you have a powerful toolkit” kind of bundle. Altogether these would cost $340, so the fact that you could pay just a few bucks and get these apps is pretty awesome.

There are some details here that you need to know to factor into the price you choose to pay. From the FAQ:

What’s an NYOP bundle?

It’s a time-limited opportunity to buy a collection of apps for whatever you want to pay! StackSocial bundles are exclusively constructed and are made for anyone looking to discover the best apps around the globe.

What happens if I pay LESS than the average price?

You’ll only receive 6 apps: iDocument, Sparkbox, iClip, Jaksta Music Converter, skEdit, & MacCleanse. Because this is a unique type of offer and customers can pay whatever they want we need to incentive a healthy price for the developers included in the bundle or else people might just continue to pay $.01 and if that were the case we wouldn’t be able to exist.

What happens if I pay MORE than the average price?

You’ll receive ALL 9 Mac apps :).

Ah! Yes, so if you decide to pay just a buck, well you get most of the apps, if you pay more and it’s above the average you get all of them. Let’s not quibble here. Developers make great apps and they should be able to earn a living from that. Not to mention you get to support folks like EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), charity water, or Stand Up To Cancer…you choose where your 10% goes when you purchase the bundle. Myself I have most of these apps or at the very least tried them before and they are winners.

So, grab the bundle now. Get some awesome apps at a price you set and support a great charity. Done.

  • trrosen

    I’ll quibble. it’s not name your own price if you don’t know if you’ll get any of the three items people would actually buy this bundle for. Sorry but the other 6 are just filler.

  • trrosen

    Fact is I’m not entirely sure this wouldn’t be considered gambling in some jurisdictions the fact is you could pay $49 and only get part of what you paid for.

  • WaynerOscar

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  • grelca

    Fact is I’m not entirely sure this wouldn’t be considered gambling in some jurisdictions the fact is you could pay $49 and only get part of what you paid for.

    I think you’re under the impression that you won’t know until the end if you paid over/under the average? It depends on what the average is when you buy it, not at the end. And they tell you how much you’ll need to pay to be over the average.

  • mr_bee

    These apps are all absolute crap and you simply don’t need them. Anyone buying this is being scammed no matter what price they pay.

  • Satish Ramnani

    It seems your website is making good money ass licking apple and its crap giveaway’s, honestly this is not expected of you. Your emphasis on purchasing this mac bundle is doing on for a long time now – when the hell the last day will actually come.