Treehouse Web And iOS Development Courses [Ends Today]


You know by now, because I’ve been posting here a good bit, that I’m an educator as well as an author and writer. This means that anything to do with learning catches my eye—especially courses to help people learn new skills. Today we have a deal from Treehouse to get a month of their Gold Plan for $25 so you can learn to code, well, a lot of different things. This is awesome, of course, but what caught my eye about Treehouse is a very cool bonus:

Closed captioning. This wouldn’t have even pinged on my radar if it wasn’t for an email I received from a reader not long ago. Let me tell you about it.

You know that I have great affection for video courses like Treehouse. I love the ease of being able to learn when it suits you. Can’t sleep and feel like learning more about Objective C to work on that iOS app, not a problem—your teacher is always awake online. Now here’s the rub, and the gist of the email I received, what if you’re hearing impaired or English isn’t your first language?

Ah ah! You see the challenge don’t you?

Not long ago I received an email from a reader asking if one of the video courses I wrote about here had subtitles. I had no idea. I mean why couldn’t they? I don’t think that the particular course I wrote about then had them, but Treehouse does. When I was reading up on Treehouse that very feature caught my eye—all the videos have subtitles! So if English isn’t your first language (or you didn’t quite catch what the instructor said) or you are hearing impaired you can follow along with what the instructor is saying!

Oh, wondering what is covered in these courses? Yes, well, I that would be helpful, wouldn’t it?

These courses from Treehouse cover web design, web development, and iOS app creation. Three sets of skills that are always in high demand I find. Again, these are video-based courses (which you know are the kind I favor, unless you come to one of my classes in person that is) so you can fast forward, rewind, skip back, re-watch, and re-watch again until you get it. Since it is back to school time, how about you go back to school yourself and pick up a few more skills? If you’ve read this far, you’ve been thinking about it, so what’s stopping you?