Automatically Update Your Address Book With Three Free Months Of WriteThatName Premium [Freebie]



I swear my Contacts are a mess. It’s all because of the time I was doing outside sales (this was like 8 years ago now) and I imported the entire prospect database into my address book. Granted I’ve used some of these addresses since, but, wow, do I have some serious cruft in there. Not only do I have addresses that I don’t need, I have lots of outdated addresses that are as good as useless.

Geez I wish there was something that would scan and update my address book for me. Update everything. Automatically add important contacts. Merge accounts and cards. Oh right! There is! And we have WriteThatName 3-month Premium subscription free for you!

PDF2Office Pro for Mac Converts PDF Files Into Editable Office Docs [Deal Ending!]



I think PDF is one of the best file formats around. I send client files in PDF. Invoices in PDF. Resumes in PDF. Reports in PDF. The problem is when I get PDFs…and I want to do something else with them.

Yeah, that’s where PDF files can fall down. PDF files are awesome if the folks on the receiving end just need to read or review the content, not build on it. Sure, I can mark up PDF files. I do it all the time for galley proofs of my books, but when I get data or large chunks of text that I need to use in some other document…I can be up a creek.

This is exactly the situation PDF2Office is for—Edit PDF Files with PDF2Office Professional v6: Convert PDF & Windows XPS files into Editable Information

Stunning Canvas Prints Of Your Pictures For $49 [Deals]



Do you take great pictures? Or maybe you know someone who does? How about getting some of those pictures printed on canvas to display like the art the are? And this doesn’t even have to cost an arm and a leg…only $49. Sounds like a great present—Turn Any Photo Into Art With CanvasPop (16“x20”): Create a Custom High-Quality Canvas Print And Get $30 for Your Next Purchase

Call of Duty 4 & Civilization V Plus Five More Games For $30 [Deals]



Personally, I’m not a big gamer, but even I can see how awesome this deal today is—The Mac Gamer Bundle Featuring Call of Duty 4: Get Your Game on With 6 Killer Mac Games worth $195 for Only $30!—it’s really crazy good. Six great games for just $30? There has to be a catch or something. Nope. Here are the 6 games included:

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ($40)
  • Civilization V ($50)
  • Company of Heroes: Complete ($30)
  • Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy ($55)
  • And Yet It Moves ($10)
  • LIMBO ($10)