Pick A Side And Conquer In An Immersive Strategy Game [Deals]


making history640

Prepare to conquer the world! No, this isn’t a call to arms from an evil genius, it’s more like Risk, on steroids—Rule The World With Making History II: Prepare For The Ultimate Grand Strategy Experience With This Fun Mac Game.

My father-in-law is really into these games. He spends hours researching and playing strategy games on his PC. I don’t know what my mother-in-law thinks of all this virtual carnage and destruction, but I think it’s pretty cool. If my father-in-law had a Mac (he does have an iPad), I’d get him this game for his birthday (since it’s next week) because it looks freakin’ cool.

I took a stroll through the website today to get a feel for the game (and there is a video too…below), this is a lot more than just moving armies, navies, and air forces into position to pummel the other guy. This game pulls in the homefront with production, society, and morale. It’s pretty intense.

I don’t think I can cut it in this world, I might just stick to Risk (the throwing armies and pummeling style)…but if immersive strategy is your thing, then this should rock your world.

  • Andrew Wagner

    the “get it” link seems to be broken

  • Ryan Sargent

    the “get it” link seems to be broken

    Perhaps you should try the “get bent” link instead. Whiner.

  • Andrew Wagner

    lol troller