MacKeeper Fixes And Cleans Your Mac: Two Licenses For $24 [Deals]



How’s your Mac doing today? Sluggish even when all the apps are quit? Running out of space? It might finally be time for you to check out MacKeeper. Good thing we have it as our deal today—Keep Your Mac Safe With MacKeeper: Keep Your Mac Secure, Clean & Fast for the Rest of its Life.

We know MacKeeper can be a controversial app, but time and again Zeobits has talked about what their app does—and what it doesn’t do—when asked. Yes, the ads are everywhere. That doesn’t make it a bad app, that’s just aggressive marketing.

I think I have to leave the decision up to you. Here’s what you get:

Security Features:

  • Internet Security – Protect your Mac from all threats coming from online: phishing, identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, malware etc.
  • Anti-Theft – Use the most advanced technologies to locate a stolen computer and get it back.

Optimization Features:

  • Update Tracker – Keep the latest versions of all apps in one place and makes the updating process much more convenient.
  • Login Items – Optimize and speeds up your Mac by setting up the applications to open upon login.
  • Default Apps – Define which application will open each file type.

Data Control Features:

  • Data Encryptor – Prevent unwanted access to your files by using double password protection and AES encryption standards.
  • Files Recovery – Restore deleted and trashed files from your Mac’s hard drive. Supports a wide range of file formats both for HFS+ and NTFS systems. Is able to recover files from external storage devices.
  • Backup – Create and schedules backups of important files on your Mac’s hard drive as well as external devices and online storages.
  • Shredder – delete files or folders without any chance to recover them.
  • ZeoDisk – Share, backup and sync all your files online.

Cleaning Features:

  • Fast Cleanup – A set of cleaning utilities that completely removes all kinds of junk from your Mac.
  • Smart Uninstaller – Completely removes unneeded applications leaving no junk behind.
  • Disk Usage – Scans data on your Mac and shows the largest files on the hard drive.
  • Duplicates Finder – Look for file copies that take up space on your Mac’s hard drive and delete them with the click of a button.
  • Files Finder – Scan your Mac to find any file you’re looking for.

Geek on Demand Features:

  • Receive unlimited online service that can provide an answer to any technical question you have.


  • JakeSpaniel

    As long as MacKeeper insists on advertising with annoying pop unders that avoid the pop up blocker I’ll continue to believe it’s crappy software that needs to be avoided. Any legitimate company with a decent product wouldn’t need to resort to such tactics to advertise.

  • Lane Jasper

    Their Spam popups are insane. Also, wasn’t MacKeeper abad program to run on Macs awhile back or was it rumor? I don’t remember but it made the news for something. Does anyone know if it indeed a safe program and is it worth a try at all?

  • lwdesign1

    I have seen numerous posts from Cult of Mac members the last time CoM tried to advertise for these guys. The posts were uniformly bad, disks trashed, incorrect files removed, slower disk performance, etc. Has this changed? Due to the MANY negative posts on MacKeeper I have never installed it. If CoM wants to address these issues and show how: A. These bugs are in the past, or B. They were rare or imaginary, it would go a long way toward legitimizing the software, which has gotten a VERY bad name. A large part of this is also due to their spam type of advertising.

    How about an actual testing and review of the product by CoM rather than just taking Zeobit’s word for it?

  • Aybara

    I honestly tried this program once, and in less than 24 hours was requesting a refund. This was after I started seeing forum posts on how hard it was to fully remove it from your system. The fact that the developer had been ‘promising’ a proper uninstall for months. The fact that it phones home with information the devs don’t need to have. The fact that if you don’t uninstall it properly, it will still send ‘diagnostics’.

    I agree with JakeSpaniel. Now that their ads have pretty much become as persistent and ubiquitous as the ‘X10 Camera’ pop-ups, unders, etc. I want nothing to do with them, and wouldn’t recommend anyone else does either.

  • jackpresley

    Avoid like the plague!!! I fell for the their ads and bought this software and it did the opposite to what it was supposed to do. It slowed my Mac down to a crawl and as soon as I removed this software it’s speed went back to normal. A complete waste of money.

    I also don’t like the way Cult of Mac promote this the same as a snews story when it;s basically just an advertisement for them

  • davidgillan

    get MAGICIAN its free and works a treat :D

  • mac_tonic

    I work for an independent Apple repair shop. Based on our client’s experiences we do not recommend using MacKeeper.

  • Aybara

    Sadly, this isn’t the first time CoM has promoted them. But they say that since ‘professionals’ seem to think it is an OK program, those of us who have used it and were burned must all be wrong.

  • Lane Jasper

    Awesome my hunch was right I had heard that this is shit software and I’m happy to see all the comments on this post backing that up I will not be touching this.

  • Bobbi Style

    Haven’t u learnt that pushing this software damages YOUR credibility????? I am a professional and I DO NOT use or recommend this “phishy” piece of software. I am now seriously NOT going to consider anything you recommend since you insist on endorsing such rubbish!! (Check your logs, I have purchased deals here etc…)

  • SoHoNYC

    Didn’t you guys wrote an article saying that MacKeeper can beworse than a virus?

  • JosefB

    I used this program once. It slowed my computer down. I removed it and had to scour all the files in the Library folders to remove it.

  • Rebelord

    I work for an Apple Specialist, and we always remove this product from someone’s computer because it does more damage than good. Well, actually no good at all.

    As an alternative option you could always download CC Cleaner from the Mac App Store (Free), and (Free) for Virus protection.

  • lwdesign1

    Sadly, this isn’t the first time CoM has promoted them. But they say that since ‘professionals’ seem to think it is an OK program, those of us who have used it and were burned must all be wrong.

    Hey CoM! How about someone on your editorial staff actually installing and testing the app and then reporting their results? This statement of “time and again Zeobits has talked about what their app does—and what it doesn’t do—when asked” is frankly ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that the author KNOWS that the software is “controversial” and that there is so much negative feedback on the program. Why does the author and CoM put so much faith in Zeobits statements in regards to a widely reviled program. This is nuts! A simple bit of testing would clarify if the software is malware or not. To shill for a company with this much negative PR is extremely bad form and is not a service to your readers.