ColorStrokes: Create Amazing Effects With Your Photos! [Freebie – Last Chance!]



This is a truly great freebie. ColorStrokes (formerly ColorSplash) is doing a big push for its new version. So as a nice little bonus, you can get this awesome mac app for free right now. I have this app myself (and for iOS) and love to play with it. I think I actually take pictures with the sole intent to use ColorStrokes on them. So, just do something cool for yourself, grab this freebie, take some pictures and have some fun.

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  • robert_walter

    Wtf? I’m being forced to read on a mobile site that doesn’t even fit my iPhone screen. Can’t switch to a desktop version. Wtf!

  • JacksMacintosh

    It’s a buck :(
    And the mobile site is kinda… Dysfunctional at the moment..
    (From an iPhone 5, if that helps)

  • duck_fan

    !!This is a scam and totally misleading!! The app is .99 and it tries to get you to buy add-ons that are also a rip-off.

    !!STAY AWAY!!