Get Custom Stickers For Your App, Startup, or Project [Deals]



There was a time, not so long ago, that every laptop I owned as adorned with stickers from various Web 2.0 companies. And when I mean “adorned” I mean covered. Like every square inch of the lid. It was a “thing” a few years ago and it certainly made it easy to spot me and my laptop in a crowded conference room.

Times have changed and I only have two stickers on my MacBook—WordPress and Iron Man—however I still dig stickers for branding and giveaways. The question that I’ve always faced is where to get stickers, custom stickers, at a good price (and usually the last minute)…looks like I might have an answer—Create Custom Logo Stickers & Decals With StickerYou ($25 For $50): Get $50 Worth of StickerYou Credit For Only $25.

Beyond name labels on your kids’ stuff (which is a good idea btw) or cutsie stickers that you might put on cards, I’m thinking about stickers for branding and events. Like you’re at a trade show or networking event and want to be distinctive. Maybe you just want your company logo on your MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads. Maybe you are having a launch party and want something cool to giveaway. How about a QR code to have people download your app?

Millions of ideas, $25.

  • TylerHoj

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! This is perfect. I’ve needed some for awhile, and I’m just about to run my first major ad campaign [so-to-speak] for my graphic novel called Our Everyday Lives Include Coffee! I BLEEPING LOVE COM DEALS!

  • Aimie

    The need for stickers and printing has always improved with the time due to their every improving need for services. The professional uses of stickers consist of the marking and marketing of products. Identification decals are also used as brands as well as attractive promotional stickers