BodyGuardz Lyrics Premium Earbuds: Great Comfort At A Great Price



We have another pair of BodyGuardz earbuds for you check out today—Premium Lyrics Earbuds From BodyGuardz (Black): The Precision-Crafted Surfaces Will Make You Forget They Are Even in Your Ears—I mean it's not like there is any other news or anything, right?

These earbuds are supposed to be so light and comfortable that you will either a) forget you have them on (I've done that, which is why my MacBook Pro headphone jack is skewed) or b) just want to wear them all the time. Now I can believe “a”, but “b” might just look strange. Regardless…

You know what impresses me about these BodyGuardz earbuds (all of them, not just this particular pair)? The number of tips they include with each pair. And not just one kind of tip, but a few different styles too. Getting a good fit is important if you want your earbuds to be comfortable and deliver great sound too.

For a long time I didn't appreciate cloth-covered cords until I finally got a pair of earbuds that have them. Yeah, it makes a huge difference and these Lyrics have them…which makes them a step up in my books.

The rest? Well you know that already. BodyGuardz earbuds are tuned to make sure your music sounds great. They look like they are built to last. And come with nice added touches.

Plus it's always a good idea to have an extra pair of earbuds around.


  • Bob Smogango

    I just got a pair of the Martin Logan Mikros 70 ear buds. I spoke to one of the people at Martin Logan and asked about the cable and they told me that they have found the braided cables tend to get microphonic. Which is why they chose the rubber coated cables. After I had the ML’s broken in to loosen up the bass response, they are actually very luscious bass without that bass boom that others have, the high end is smooth and over all, quite accurate sounding. Since I have been a audiophile kind of consumer, I liked the way they sounded. So, you might want to give them a try. Yes, they are expensive, but they might be something for those that want a high end product. Just a suggestion. Bodyguardz is not known for making upper end audiophile grade speaker systems, so I wonder the integrity of their audio quality.