Sport Earbuds For Runners And Athletes [Ending Soon]



“I’d probably like a pair of those.” That’s what my wife said when she saw this deal. My wife has taken up running and doing quite well at it. She is, however, going through ear buds on a regular basis. Other runners I know have the same problem. Earbuds that fall out, wear out, aren’t comfortable, all that.

Well, looks like these earbuds might just fix that—The Active Lifestyle Earphone Package From MEElectronics: Stay Locked-in for Every Beat With The Sport-Fi S6 Earphone Set.

Since I prefer walking to running, I can’t really relate to the needs of runners, but I do like my music on my walks. So, good earbuds are key to that. At $32, these are a good deal for folks who need a great pair of earbuds for working out and working at home.


  • Perfect for an active lifestyle
  • Memory wire for locked-in fit
  • Ideal inner-ear design for more stability and high-quality sound.
  • Keeps you in rhythm and in the zone during your workout
  • Enhanced sweat resistance
  • Includes neoprene sports armband

In the box:

  • Sport-Fi S6 Earphones
  • Neoprene Sport Armband
  • 3.5 mm Extension Cable
  • Shirt Clips (attached) x 2
  • Carrying Case with carabiner
  • 6 Pairs of Eartips
  • Instruction Manual

More on these earbuds:

  • Dan Toupal

    No controls??? Anybody at MEElectronics acutally tried these while running? The videos show everybody moving slow. The real world moves faster and trying to change to the next song, while running and looking at your arm, is nearly immpossible. Hope you have perfect eyesight. I’m still waiting for somebody to get this right.

  • FriarNurgle

    Try making your own tips using foam earplugs.

  • FriarNurgle

    Try making your own tips using foam earplugs.

  • little1199

    Runners might want to try arriva leo bluetooth headphones. They don’t sound perfect by any means and they are a pain in the rear to fit to your head, but once you get them dialed in they work great. I’ve been running with a pair for almost a year now with no issues.

  • Tim Miller

    how does the sleeve fit the iphone 5? I see the phone just slides into the sleeve, and the ads all show th iphone 4, but does the extra length of the 5 make it awkward while running?