Productivity Bundle 11 Great Apps, Themes, & Graphics [Deal Ending!]



Need to round out your app toolkit? New a few new WP themes? How about some graphic elements for projects? Oh yes, it Productivity bundle time and we have another fantastic value pack for you—The Mac Productivity Bundle 2.0: Get 11 Best Selling Mac Apps & Design Goodies For One Shockingly Low Price.

Remember, picking up bundles isn’t about needing all the apps, but needing a few of the apps or goodies that you need right now and tapping into the others when you need them.

I buy a goodly number of bundles in the course of a year and I have a couple tips for you:

  1. Download all the apps in the bundle right away and stash them away on a hard drive for later. Even if you don’t need the app right then (or even if you do), make sure you get the app now. Sometimes I’ve found it hard to get a copy of the original app when there has been an update so that I could get my registration number to work.
  2. Save all your registration numbers in something like 1Password so you have a backup if you lose the email, etc. I go back to 1Password often for registration codes for apps I’ve installed, used, deleted, then needed again.

For this pack, IMHO, the great part of the deal isn’t as much the apps as the WP themes and graphics. I find getting great apps to be pretty easy, but getting a stock of great graphic elements and themes a lot harder. So, without further ado…

The 11 Mac Apps and Design Goodies:

  • Kinemac ($299) – Animate everything in 3D real time animation.
  • MoneyWell ($50) – Powerful proactive budgeting for all your financing needs.
  • Printopia ($20) – Print to any computer using your mobile phone.
  • PDFClerk Pro ($50) – A powerful PDF editor.
  • MailTags 3 ($30) – Tame your email by tagging your mail.
  • GarageSale ($40) – The all-in-one eBay tool for Mac OS X.
  • Interarchy ($40) – The better way to FTP.
  • SitePoint Ebook Bundle ($59) – Two bestselling Ebooks on JQuery and CSS.
  • Impressionist UI Package ($149) – Over 300 elements for web design.
  • ThemeSpectrum ($196) – 4 Premium Responsive WP Themes – Your Choice.
  • Tokokoo ($276) – 4 WordPress Themes – Your Choice.

It’s a great bundle. Lots of options. Great variety. I’d go get it now.