Learn To Design Bundle Is Like Design School In A Box [Deals]



I write about courses and education a lot here. Video training courses are pretty popular items to offer. We all know that we need to hone our current skills and pick up new ones in today’s knowledge economy. This course bundle—I just read through the course offerings again—is like going to design school for $100.

Seriously. It’s all there. Sure you might be more interested in making WP themes with Dreamweaver and creating logos (first 1000 buyers only get that bonus!) or maybe InDesign and Illustrator, but the point is that you can now pick up the skills you need in the core apps that creative folks use all the timeLearn To Design Bundle.

Here’s what’s included in this “design school in a box” from Udemy:

  • Create Engaging Websites With Twitter Bootstrap
  • Create Responsive Web Design
  • Design Custom WordPress Themes With Dreamweaver
  • Learn Audition CS6 The Easy Way
  • Learn To Master Encore CS6
  • InDesign CS6 MasterClass
  • The Premiere Pro CS6 Bootcamp Course
  • Illustrator CS6 Beginner Course
  • Photoshop CS6 Crash Course
  • Design A Logo From Scratch (first 1000 buyers only!)

Close to a hundred hours of video courses that don’t expire, yeah you spend $100 now (remember it’s worth close to $2000) and even if you don’t need to learn Premiere or Encore or Audition now, you can learn them later when you do!

Sometimes we’re all pushed out of our comfort zone. Sometimes you need or want to make a job change and know that a lot of the jobs you want an understanding of an app you kinda know, but not really…here’s a chance to learn the core Adobe apps as well as the latest web design techniques.

All the courses are online (have internet will travel!) with step-by-step lessons that you can work through at your own pace.

Probably the only thing stopping you are copies of the Adobe apps to use…can’t help you there…but at least we can save you coin on learning them.

  • thewert

    Because learning the Creative Suite automatically makes you a fantastic designer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. That’s like saying I can be a doctor because I know how to use a scapal. While this may be a decent starting point for some, it in no way qualifies one as a graphic designer. Where are the lessons in typography? Gestalt? Form? Function? Message? Audience? What about design history? I highly doubt anything like that is touched on in these videos. Again, while it may be good to learn some software, it would fall far short of “going to design school for $100.”