Protect Your iPhone From The Elements With DryCASE [Deals]



Yes, this is a fish story. Over the summer my son and I were fishing on the lake in Maine where I’ve been fishing for nearly 40 years. One day I caught the biggest fish (smallmouth bass) I’ve ever caught anywhere, any time. The problem is that you won’t believe me (I don’t expect you to) because I don’t have a picture of it. Why no picture? Because I didn’t want to risk bringing my iPhone or camera in the boat with us. Later I thought, because I had seen them before, “I wish I had one of those uber-waterproof, floating case/bags for my iPhone…”

Well, guess what’s on sale now (and a few months too late for me), yeah you guessed it—Waterproof Your Smartphone With DryCASE: The Ultimate Dry Case for Your Smartphone—and let me tell you why it’s cool and why you should have one.

First, this is more (and better) than just a heavy-duty ziploc bag. The case has a neoprene armband (neoprene floats, btw…so if you were to drop your device overboard you could scoop it up again) to attach while running, swimming, yeah even SCUBA diving. Then there is the headphone jack. Yeah, a sealed headphone jack so you can listen to tunes (or take calls) while your device is in the bag. And…,yes, you can still use the touchscreen through the plastic! And take pictures (you see how this would have been helpful for me this summer)! Heck you can even put a small camera in the bag instead of a phone (the company suggests turning the camera on and having the lens extended so you can get the fit right)!

Finally, here’s the coolest thing about it (I think). Instead of just dropping your device in and zipping it up (which honestly is plenty to protect it), you can draw the air out through a one-way valve and pump so the bag fits snuggly with your device.

The case is $23 (plus about $7 for shipping), which is a lot less than trying to repair or replace your phone if it gets dunked or dropped in the sand, or whatever. Here in Vancouver during the winter, I think all of us should have these…kinda hard (and bad) to use your iPhone in a downpour!

Here’s a video on how it all works:



  • Eric Pelletier

    40$ shipping?!?! how do I get my 23$ back…