375 Professional Backgrounds And Textures for $29 [Deal Ending]



Raise your hand if you’ve needed a background image or texture for a project and been pretty much SOL. Yeah, me too. A few times I’ve wandered about with my camera and found some cool textures I could use, but you know if it’s the middle of the night or you don’t have time to wander around with a camera, what then?

The “what then” is having textures and backgrounds on hand to use. Websites, apps, presentations, Twitter, whatever I think we need backgrounds more than ever now. Now with 375 textures to pick from, I bet you’ll find something you like—The Professional’s High-Resolution Textures Bundle: Take Your Designs to the Next Level with 375 Stunning Textures.

I haven’t updated my Twitter profile to the new layout yet. Why? Because I haven’t had the time to look for a good background or cover photo that I’d like to use. Oh sure, I have tens of thousands of my own pictures I could go through, but I don’t usually take pictures with backgrounds in mind.

Me, I’m going to pick up this pack of textures if for nothing else to jazz up my Twitter profile page and have some cool textures for slide decks and presentations. It’s really not any more complicated than that. At least a few times a month I need to make a header graphic for Facebook contests for clients or give a little punch to a presentation or … really the needs are endless. This deal isn’t, of course, but no good deal ever is.

So 375 textures for $30, which is a 66% savings if you bought all these textures alone. Good deal. Great variety of options (I’m looking at the old paper ones for myself). Enough said.