WhatsApp makes big improvements to group messaging


Update WhatsApp today to enjoy its new group messaging features.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

WhatsApp is rolling out big improvements to group messaging that make it easier to manage your conversations, catch up on what you’ve missed, and more. It has also added enhanced controls for group admins.

Here’s what you have to look forward to on iPhone today.

Fortnite leak reveals new weapon and challenges for Battle Royale


Fornite Battle Royale Bullpup Burst
The Bullpup Burst could make its way to Battle Royale.
Photo: Epic

Fortnite Battle Royale could get a new assault rifle in an upcoming content update.

A “Bullpup Burst” has been uncovered in the game’s data files following its most recent release. The gun deals more damage than the regular three-burst assault rifle, and could be available in epic and legendary varieties.

Week three challenges for season four have also been leaked.

Fortnite update brings Clinger grenade, mobile control tweaks


The new Clinger grenade sticks to players and objects.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite’s latest content update is rolling out now with a new Clinger grenade, a tweak for mobile controls, and a long list of bug fixes and performance improvements. Epic has also added the ability to claim refunds for purchased items — but you can only claim so many.

Big features make a comeback in iOS 11.4 beta 1


iOS 11.4 beta 1 brings back big features we saw in previous betas, including AirPlay 2, multiroom support in Home app, and Messages on iCloud.
iOS 11.4 brings back some cool new features Apple teased us with before.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The first beta of iOS 11.4 brings back some big features Apple tested in previous betas, but then subsequently removed.

Check out our video below to see iOS 11.4 in action. We run through what’s new and what you can expect if you give the beta a whirl.

Apple vows to zip Siri’s loose lips in future update


How about not spilling my secrets, Siri?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple has promised it will fix Siri’s newly-discovered privacy problem in a future software update.

The flaw allows anyone to read your unread messages and other notifications without your passcode — even those that you’ve chosen to hide. It’s not yet clear if Apple will have the fix ready in time for iOS 11.3, which is already on its sixth beta release.