Fortnite’s newest item brings the boom

Fortnite’s newest item brings the boom


Fortnite Boom Box
The Boom Box isn't exactly the life of the party here.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite updates have been on hold while the team at Epic Games took a well-deserved holiday break, but we still saw a brand new item added to Battle Royale this week.

The controversial Boom Box wipes out buildings and structures in no time at all — and you almost certainly won’t enjoy playing against it.

Epic continues to roll out weekly Fortnite updates in an effort to keep the game feeling fresh. It’s one of the things that has made the title insanely popular. But many of its most recent changes and additions have been met with criticism.

The Boom Box is another that can be added to that list.

Fortnite’s new Boom Box is a blast … at first

The Boom Box is an item that plays powerful blasts of music after being thrown. With each blast, it deals damage to nearby buildings and structures. Newly-built walls within the Boom Box’s radius are destroyed with just one blast, which makes building nearby impossible.

Throw the Boom Box at a tall structure, like an opponent’s 1-by-1 base, and it’ll tear it down in no time. The only way to stop the blasts is to shoot the Boom Box, which can be incredibly difficult if you’re also trying to fight the opponent who threw it.

The Boom Box is fun to try at first, but most Fortnite players agree that it is overpowered. Could that mean it will disappear quickly?

How long will the Boom Box last?

It’s hard to tell. Epic has quickly removed controversial items in the past — like the Infinity Blade — but the Boom Box appears to be part of the studio’s efforts to curb building in an effort to make Battle Royale easier for new players who haven’t mastered this skill yet.

This could mean we’ll have to put up with the Boom Box for a while, then, and it might pay to practice countering it. There’s no way to avoid the item in Battle Royale for now, at least.