Shazam now shows you when you first discovered your favorite tracks


Apple acquisition meant that Shazam turned a profit in 2018
Apple acquisition meant that Shazam turned a profit in 2018
Photo: Apple

The latest Shazam update is out now on iOS, giving users the ability to see exactly when they last searched for a certain song. Simply scroll through your history of Shazams and you’ll find a date and time alongside each entry.

Have you ever been listening to an awesome track and wondered when you first discovered it? Well, if you used Shazam to find it, it’s easier than ever to pinpoint the exact time and date.

Shazam shows you the date and time for each search

Simply visit the My Shazam section of the app, where you’ll find a history of all your searches, or “Shazams.” Alongside each entry, you will now see a date and an exact time for your search.

This information might help you remember not only when you fell in love with a song, but also where you were when you first heard it.

The new feature is available inside the latest versions of both the regular Shazam app, as well as the paid Shazam Encore.

Apple acquired Shazam last year

Shazam is now an Apple service after the iPhone-maker finalized its acquisition last September. It is believed Apple paid around $400 million for the service, which was once valued at a whopping $1 billion.

Shazam now boasts hundreds of millions of users around the world on Android and iOS. And thanks to Apple, all of them can now enjoy the service without having to listen to ads.