Fortnite is getting a revamped revolver this week

Fortnite is getting a revamped revolver this week


It looks new, but will it be better than the original?
Photo: Epic Games

This week’s Fortnite update will see a revamped revolver introduced to Battle Royale.

Epic is now teasing the weapon’s arrival in-game after it was first leaked out in the version 9.30 update files. It looks very different to the original revolver, but its short description suggests it will be functionally similar.

The revolver was once a staple of Battle Royale, and it held onto its place in the game for very close to a year before being vaulted last September. It wasn’t particularly easy to use, but it was effective if you had an accurate shot.

Not a great deal of Fortnite fans really loved the original revolver. It was typically used at the beginning of games — when it was all that could be found — but dropped by most players soon after better weapons were located.

Despite this, Epic is bringing the revolver back.

Prepare for the return of the revolver

The new version of the weapon — seemingly named the “modern revolver” — is now being teased inside Battle Royale ahead of its arrival. It will almost certainly be added to the game with this week’s content update.

We don’t know much about the handgun yet, but we do get a brief description: “Simple, reliable, powerful. Some things never get old.”

That second line suggests the modern revolver will be functionally similar to the original, but “simple, reliable” indicates it may be much easier to use. Long-time players will notice that its design is a lot different.

Fortnite update likely arriving June 26

Epic will certainly need to make some improvements to ensure the modern revolver actually gets used consistently after the novelty has worn off. Otherwise the effort put into redesigning and resurrecting it was a waste.

The next Fortnite update is likely to drop on Wednesday, June 26 or Thursday, June 27. As this will be a content update and not just a patch we are looking forward to some other noticeable changes.