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Fortnite adds brand new Storm Flip item, Quick Heal on mobile


Fortnite Storm Flip item
Try Fortnite’s new Storm Flip item today.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite’s latest patch is out and there are lots of changes for Battle Royale players to look forward to.

The version 9.20 release adds a brand new Storm Flip item, a Quick Heal button on Android and iOS, and a long list of bug fixes and improvements. There’s no sign of the heavy shotgun and revolver, though.

Fortnite 9.10 brings Hot Spots, big fixes, Jordan shoes


Fortnite Jordan
You can sport the freshest kicks in Fortnite 9.10.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest update is out a little earlier than anticipated, bringing new weapons, game modes, and more to Battle Royale.

The version 9.10 update also promises significant audio improvements and lots of bug fixes on mobile. There’s a new crossover with Jordan that brings cosmetics and game modes, too.

Fortnite to get ‘undo purchase’ option, health bar tweaks


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Photo: Epic Games

Epic Games has confirmed some of the changes and improvements it has planned for Fortnite following the launch of season nine.

Battle Royale players will soon see tweaks to the in-game health and shield bars that make them easier to read at a glance. It’s also going to become a lot easier to reverse accidental purchases.

Fortnite update brings brand new Boom Bow


Fortnite Boom Bow
Have a blast with Fortnite's new Boom Bow.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite’s newest content update is out, adding the brand new Boom Bow to Battle Royale.

The weapon fires arrows with shotgun shell tips that explode on impact. A direct hit deals more than 100 damage to your opponent.

Poison trap and Floor is Lava LTM arrive in Fortnite 8.20


Fortnite Floor is Lava
Don't let yourself get too toasty.
Photo: Epic Games

This week’s Fortnite update will bring a brand new item and game mode to Battle Royale.

Both the Floor is Lava limited-time game mode and a poison trap will be available in version 8.20 of the game. You’ll be able to enjoy them from tomorrow, March 27, after the update goes live.