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MacPaw’s SpyBuster helps you weed out Mac apps reporting to Russia


SpyBuster stops apps reporting to Russia
It's completely free to use.
Image: MacPaw

Ukrainian developer MacPaw today released SpyBuster, a new (and completely free!) Mac app that identifies software built by and reporting to “undesirable countries of origin” — such as Russia and Belarus.

SpyBuster also lets you block those connections so that you can prevent additional data being sent to overseas servers, where it may not be protected by the same privacy laws that we’re accustomed to in other countries.

MacPaw Foundation steps up support for Ukraine and needs your help


MacPaw steps up efforts to help Ukraine
Whatever you can donate will make a difference.
Image: MacPaw

Our friends at MacPaw are stepping up efforts to help provide humanitarian support in Ukraine. While the horrifying Russian invasion continues, the MacPaw Development Foundation is working with partners on the ground to transport, store, and deliver as much aid as it possibly can, as quick as it possibly can.

It is hoping to raise more funds to speed up the process and provide even more — and it needs your help.

Ukrainian devs work in bathtubs as Russian bombs and missiles fly


MacPaw's Julia Petryk works in her bathtub, the safest place in her Kyiv apartment as Russian bombs and missiles fall.
MacPaw's Julia Petryk works in her bathtub, the safest place in her Kyiv apartment during the Russian bombardment of Ukraine.
Photo: Julia Petryk/MacPaw

Between air raids and missile strikes, Julia Petryk works in her bathtub in Ukraine. It’s the safest place in her Kyiv apartment.

“The last interview I gave for media was in the bathtub,” she told Cult of Mac in an email. It’s “the safest place in the apartment during bombardment.”

MacPaw vows user support will continue as war breaks out in Ukraine


MacPaw Ukraine
MacPaw says "nothing is going to change" for users.
Image: MacPaw

Our friends at MacPaw in Kyiv, Ukraine, are today facing the horrifying reality of a Russian invasion. But they want to assure users of their software — including CleanMy Mac X and Setapp — that support will continue.

An emergency plan is in place to ensure that there are no disruptions to MacPaw’s operations, development or customer assistance. “We’ve been enjoying working for you all these years and appreciate all the trust you’ve put into our company,” said CEO Oleksandr Kosovan in a blog post Thursday. “We won’t disappoint your expectations.”

MacPaw’s Apple museum will feature 323 rare pieces of tech history


A Macintosh signed by Apple's co-founder is like the Mac fan's Holy Grail.
Photo: MacPaw

Fancy seeing an original Macintosh 128k, signed by Steve Wozniak? Want to feast your eyes on Apple’s first “portable” computer, which tipped the scales at nearly 16 pounds? How about eyeballing a rare Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, the only computer Cupertino ever made that was delivered to customers in a limo, and installed by Apple employees wearing tuxedos?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then there’s one more to ask: Are you willing to catch a flight to Kyiv, Ukraine — approximately 6,000 miles from Apple’s home in Cupertino — to look at them in person?

Setapp, the app subscription service, lands on iOS with 8 awesome titles


Setapp comes to iOS
A catalog of amazing apps, one small monthly fee.
Photo: Setapp

Setapp, the brilliant app subscription service from MacPaw, has finally landed on iOS. The service offers eight titles at launch, including task-management app 2Do and wonderful writing tool Ulysses.

A small monthly fee gets you complete, unlimited access to every app in the catalog, with more being added on a regular basis. And if you’re already a Setapp subscriber, you may get the iOS apps for free.

CleanMyMac X is all you need to maintain a healthy Mac


CleanMyMac X
All the tools you need to make your Mac speedy and safe.
Photo: MacPaw

Are you maintaining a healthy Mac? It doesn’t have to be difficult. CleanMyMac X offers all the tools you need to ensure your machine is always speedy and safe.

The latest version of the app stops malware in its tracks, ensures your apps are always up to date, and keeps your Mac running as fast as it can be.

It also helps you weed out system junk from the darkest depths of your machine, and it’s three times faster than its predecessor.

Software localization isn’t an annoying chore, it’s a crucial opportunity


Attention, devs: If you haven't localized your apps, you're missing out.
Attention, devs: If you haven't localized your apps, you're missing out.
Photo: slon_dot_pics/Pexels CC

This post is brought to you by MacPaw, maker of Mac app subscription service Setapp.

One of the amazing benefits of selling software on the internet is that you can reach customers from all over the world. So why would you cut out a huge potential market just by assuming everyone who wants to use your product speaks English?

In fact, ignoring other markets can be one of the biggest marketing oversights software companies make.

Gemini Photos saves your iPhone storage from unwanted photos


Gemini Photo
Gemini Photos makes cleaning your library a breeze.
Photo: MacPaw

Ever take 50 photos just to get that one perfect shot? Snapping the perfect frame isn’t easy, but cleaning up the extra photos is even worse.

The folks at MacPaw have come out with a new app that makes deleting all your unwanted photos a breeze and even helps you find your best shots.