New Apple HQ might land in the South


Apple Park
Apple might be moving into the D.C. area.
Photo: Apple

North Carolina and Northern Virginia have risen as two likely candidates for Apple’s third headquarters.

The new location of the new Apple HQ is supposed to be revealed by the end of 2018. According to a new report, one of the spots Apple is looking at is in the same area that Amazon is eying too.

Epic Apple Park drone video could be the last one ever


Apple Park security is clamping down on drones.
Apple Park security is clamping down on drones.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

New drones videos of Apple Park are about to become extinct.

Apple is ramping up security when it comes to drones hovering over its new headquarters. Droner Duncan Sinfield has flown at the campus since the early days of construction. However, on his latest flights, Duncan says Apple security has been able to track down his precise location in ten minutes.

Check out his latest footage, it could be his last:

Tim Cook gives Saudi prince firsthand tour of Apple Park


Apple Park
Tim Cook and Prince Mohammed strolling through Apple Park.
Photo: Saudi Embassy

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Apple’s new headquarters in California as part of his tour across the western U.S., during which he aims to change the country’s perspective on Saudi Arabia.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was on hand for Salman’s tour of the newly completed Apple Park. The prince even got a special presentation inside Steve Jobs Theatre that focused on Apple’s modern voice applications.

Check out some of the pics:

Apple’s global operations are now 100% powered by renewable energy


Apple Park
Apple Park is powered in part by a 17-megawatt rooftop solar installation.
Photo: Apple

Apple has become the world’s first major tech company to be powered by 100% renewable energy.

The company has been investing heavily in renewable energy sources for years, and in a statement today, Apple says it has already achieved its goal to use 100% clean energy to power all of its global facilities.

Tim Cook gives Steve Mnuchin an Apple Park tour


Steve Mnuchin and Tim Cook at the new campus.
Photo: Steve Mnuchin

U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, paid a visit to Apple’s new spaceship campus in Cupertino today.

Mnuchin got a tour of Apple Park accompanied by Tim Cook. The Ape CEO has a history of both working against and with Donald Trump’s administration, and in the duo’s photo that was tweeted this afternoon, it doesn’t look like Tim is particularily stoked.

Check out the full tweet:

These are the 911 calls resulting from Apple Park employees walking into glass walls


Apple Park Close up
Welcome to the house of pane.
Photo: Apple

Transcripts have been released for three of the emergency calls made earlier this year as the result of employees at Apple Park injuring themselves by walking into glass doors and walls.

More than 3,000 gigantic curved glass panes have been used to form the walls on both side of Apple’s four-story campus, measuring over a mile around. In all, Apple Park uses more than six kilometers of curved glass, in addition to interior glass accessories like doors.

Check out the 911 call transcripts below:

Apple wellness clinics will offer ‘world’s best healthcare’


AC Wellness clinics
AC Wellness clinics will open in California this spring.
Photo: AC Wellness

Apple plans to launch new wellness clinics that will offer employees and their families “the world’s best healthcare.”

AC Wellness will be independently operated, according to its official website — but job listings suggest it is a wholly Apple-owned subsidiary. One of its clinics will be situated inside Apple Park, the Cupertino company’s brand new headquarters.

Watch a drone crash-land on Apple Park’s solar roof


Well, that's one way to lose a drone!
Photo: Matthew Roberts

A would-be photographer lost his drone while attempting a flyover of the Apple Park campus last weekend. After he lost control of the unmanned aerial vehicle, it crashed onto the solar panel-covered roof of Apple’s new circular headquarters.

Check out the Apple Park drone crash footage below.

Apple Park employees have already injured themselves walking into glass walls


Apple Park Close up
A stunning headquarters? Sure. One to rush through at high speed? Probably not.
Photo: Apple

Apple employees have only just moved into the new Apple Park headquarters, and there are a few teething problems they’re dealing with in the short term.

One of those? The fact that at least two people have injured themselves walking into the glass walls and doors throughout the sprawling Apple new $5 billion headquarters. While these have only resulted in minor cuts and no hospitalization, a new report suggests it could actually be enough to violate California law by creating an unsafe working environment.