Jony Ive explains why Apple Park is a game-changer for designers


Jony Ive CultCast
Ive in his old design studio, which holds "decades of history."
Photo: BBC

Jony Ive says he is “truly proud” of Apple Watch, which he describes as a powerful computer filled with sophisticated sensors that we strap to our wrists. And we can expect Apple to continuing delivering products that are just as special in the future.

Apple Park is a game-changer for designers that will allow better collaboration than ever before, Ive reveals in a new interview.

Apple Park gets bricked in amazing Lego replica


LEGO Apple Park
It took the LEGO brick master Spencer R two years to build his replica Apple Park.
Flickr screenshot: Fabrizio Constantini/Spencer R

As architecture to behold, the Apple Park “spaceship” campus has received the ultimate validation — as a Lego model.

The iconic ring, the circular Steve Jobs Theater, the fitness center, and even the plant life have been faithfully re-created at approximately 1/650th scale by a brick master who goes by Spencer R.

Watch every iPhone XS keynote video right here


quotes on Apple
Apple had the kind of year that drew plenty of colorful comments
Photo: Apple

Didn’t get a chance to watch the live stream of Apple’s ‘Gather Round’ iPhone event this morning? You could just scroll through our riveting liveblog. Or you can watch a recording of the entire keynote so you don’t feel left out.

UPDATE: Apple just posted the full keynote video on YouTube. You can watch it in full below:

Check out Apple Park’s spectacular new giant glass doors


Video tour dives deep inside Apple Park
Just when you think Apple Park couldn't get more impressive.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

In case you hadn’t noticed, Apple’s enormous Apple Park HQ is a pretty architecturally ambitious place — and it’s continuing to underscore that point.

Accompanied by a message titled “Lunchtime at Apple Park just got a whole lot more exciting,” CEO Tim Cook has shared a time-lapse video of the giant motorized doors which have apparently just been unveiled at the Apple Park cafeteria. They’re pretty darn stunning!

Apple welcomes youngest Nobel laureate to speak at Apple Park


Apple event
Apple hosted Malala Yousafzai for a discussion at Apple Park on Monday.
Photo: Tim Cook/Twitter

Apple hosted Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai for a discussion at Apple Park on Monday.

A Pakistani activist for female education, 21-year-old Yousafzai is the youngest Nobel Prize laureate in history. Apple teamed up with Yousafzai’s Malala Fund back in January, with the goal of supporting education among girls around the world.

Apple Park sparks huge rise in property values


Apple Park
Apple's new "Spaceship" campus is contributing to soaring property values.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

Innovation is great but having it as a neighbor can be a mixed blessing.

Silicon Valley counties are reporting soaring property values thanks to a tech sector boom led by Apple and Google, who have spent the last few years buying huge swaths of land to build new headquarters.

Cupertino postpones vote on ‘head tax’ on Apple employees


Video tour dives deep inside Apple Park
Cupertino decided to not raise additional taxes this year on employees working at Apple Park.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

Cupertino’s city government decided to ask voters next year whether it should charge businesses a tax on every worker. Apple is the city’s largest employer, so most of the cost would have fallen on the iPhone maker.

The original plan, while vague, was to use the additional revenue to create more affordable housing options and improve Cupertino’s transit system.