Coast Guard admiral gets tour of Apple Park from Tim Cook


Tim Cook and U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Karl Schultz discuss making a positive impact on the world.
The two men discuss making a positive impact on the world.
Photo: Adm. Karl Schultz/Twitter

Tim Cook hosted U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Karl Schultz at Apple Park this week. According to a tweet from Schultz, the admiral visited Cupertino to discuss “ideas, perspectives [and] experiences” with Cook.

“Our industries are different, but our purpose is similar – do the best for our people, provide the highest level of service possible, [and] make a positive impact in the world,” Schultz’s tweet read. “Honored to meet [with Apple CEO Tim Cook] to share ideas, perspectives, [and] experiences. Thank you, sir!”

It’s not clear exactly what they discussed during the meeting. However, the pair were photographed together at Apple Park, overlooking the courtyard in the center of the main circular building.

Hosting people at Apple Park

Apple worked with the Coast Guard before. In 2017, more than 20 Coast Guard helicopters were equipped with iPads as part of the search and rescue efforts after Hurricane Harvey. “We’re … proud that the U.S. Coast Guard is using Apple products in those efforts,” Cook wrote to Apple employees in an email at the time.

On several occasions, iPhone and Apple Watch owners used their devices to contact the Coast Guard after running into problems.

Apple frequently hosts visitors at Apple Park — one of the world’s most expensive buildings — for a variety of purposes. In addition to the tech-focused encounters you would expect, plenty of random dignitaries drop by Apple headquarters.