Lady Gaga rumored to make Apple Park opening fabulous [Updated]


Shocker! The rainbow Apple Stage took a massive amount of work to create.
The rainbow stage inside Apple Park is expected to be the center of a huge event this weekend.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

The rainbow-colored stage that appeared recently at Apple HQ is about to get its first big-name act; Lady Gaga is reportedly going to perform at the opening event for Apple Park, the company’s ring-shaped campus in Cupertino.

Updated: She did! And Tim Cook tweeted about it early this morning.

Breakout! Inside an Apple escape room [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 296]


An unusual Apple-themed escape room is set to inject some fun into this year's AltConf during WWDC.
An unusual Apple-themed escape room is set to inject some fun into this year's AltConf during WWDC.
Cover: Martin Cortinas/Cult of Mac

Imagine yourself in a nightmare scenario. You’re tasked with making an Apple keynote run smoothly, but Murphy’s law is in full effect. Everything that can go wrong does. Tim Cook is not pleased. And you must wield your Apple knowledge to make things right.

That’s what you’ll experience if you dare to go “Backstage at the Keynote” during WWDC 2019. Find out all about this unusual Apple-themed escape room, which should spice things up at AltConf next month, in this week’s free issue of Cult of Mac Magazine for iOS.

Or read on to get the rest of the week’s best Apple news, reviews and how-tos in your browser, including our scoop on what’s up with that mysterious rainbow stage spotted inside Apple Park.

WWDC 2019, revealed! This week on The CultCast


CultCast 387
WWDC is right around the corner....

This week on The CultCast: WWDC 2019 is right around the corner, and a new report sheds light on everything Apple’s prepping to reveal. We discuss! Plus: The magic of Corning glass, and how making your iPhone just slightly thicker would make it indestructible. And we reveal how (and why) Jony Ive created the massive mystery rainbow stage now present at the heart of Apple Park.

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How (and why) Jony Ive built the mysterious rainbow Apple Stage


The colorful Apple Stage really pops in the center of Apple Park.
The colorful Apple Stage really pops in the center of Apple Park's massive "spaceship" building.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

The mysterious, rainbow-colored stage erected inside Apple Park bears all the hallmarks of the company’s meticulous design, according to an Apple document provided to Cult of Mac.

It’s the latest creation by Jony Ive’s team — and it’s just as thoughtfully and intricately designed as you might imagine.

An article explaining the project to Apple employees sheds light on just how much thought, time and intense effort went into building the rainbow Apple Stage. And Jony Ive’s ruminations on the project show he and his collaborators put a lot of thought into it.

Apple Park flyover highlights mystery rainbow stage


Brightly colored segments make Apple Stage look like a rainbow.
Is this the site of an exclusive Apple concert?
Screenshot: Duncan Sinfield

It’s been a while since we saw drone flyover videos of Apple Park, particularly now that everyone has moved in. But an update by master drone video maker Duncan Sinfield — his first of 2019 — offers a new airborne overview of Apple’s HQ. Complete with a rainbow-colored mystery stage in the centre of Apple Park.

Check it out below.

‘Culture of fear’ dominates Apple’s secretive satellite office


apple park
Working for Apple isn't always a dream come true.
Photo: Apple

People that worked for Apple through a staffing agency have revealed some grim details of what it’s like to work for Apple as a contracted employee.

Working on Apple’s mapping projects just a few miles from Apple Park sounds like a dream opportunity, but it turns out the Silicon Valley-based gig isn’t nearly as glamorous as you’d think. A new report about Apple’s temporary workers reveals the “culture of fear” contracted employees face.

Tim Cook will host meeting for all Apple employees to talk iPhone


apple park
Cook will address all Apple employees about declining iPhone sales.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook is reportedly hosting an all-hands meeting with every Apple employee today about the revelations regarding stalling iPhone sales.

The news caused Apple shares to plummet in after-hours trading, taking some Apple suppliers with it. As part of the meeting, Cook will spell out what the news means, and take questions from employees.


Apple Year in Review 2018 By the Numbers: Some of these Apple numbers are just huge.
Some of these Apple numbers are just huge.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac