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Snag up to 48% off Samsung displays in Black Friday deal


Samsung G9 ultra-wide display
Here's your chance to add a 49-inch curved ultra-wide display to your computer setups, or any of dozens of other choices.
Photo: Samsung

If your computer setup could use a new external display, don’t sleep on Amazon’s Black Friday bargains on Samsung monitors. You can nab steep discounts of up to nearly half off regular prices on a few items, with more like a third off on many others.

And the selection is as wide as some of those ultra-wide displays! If you want to spend less, you can skip 4K-resolution screen and find choices with 1080p resolution.

Make any room a cinema with new portable projector and AirPlay


With this projector, you can use AirPlay or ChromeCast to project a big screen almost anywhere.
With this projector, you can use AirPlay or ChromeCast to project a big screen almost anywhere.
Photo: BenQ

Want to create an immersive cinematic experience almost anywhere? Now you can with the GV31 Portable Projector BenQ released earlier this month.

With built-in Netflix and Android TV among other streaming options, the 1080p projector can stream on walls or ceilings via AirPlay from your Mac, iPad or iPhone, or from Android devices via ChromeCast.

How to get 1080p YouTube videos in iPad Safari


Safari can now show 1080p video on YouTube
Safari can now show 1080p video on YouTube.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Up until recently, the only way to get 1080p YouTube videos on the iPad was to use the YouTube app. Now, and possibly for a limited time (knowing YouTube’s fickle support of features), you can view full 1080p video in Mobile Safari on your iPad.

It looks amazing on the 2018 13-inch iPad Pro screen, and it’s one tap away on every YouTube page.

Streamline your Mac workflow, master iOS 11 and more [Week’s Best Deals]


Master iOS 11, streamline your Mac workflow, and more with this week's best deals.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Fall has finally arrived, but the Cult of Mac Store is staying warm with a fresh shipment of hot new deals. This week, we’ve got a comprehensive bundle of iOS 11 courses that’s yours for whatever you want to pay. Plus, we’ve got a 1080p snaking camera, a tool for streamlined file sharing, and an app for clearing gigs of space on your Mac. Everything is top shelf and hugely discounted. Read on for more details:

PowerVR graphics upgrade allows for 4K iPhone displays


It also paves the way for iPhone VR.
Photo: Apple

Imagination Technologies, the company behind the PowerVR graphics technology used in iPhone and iPad, has unleashed its powerful new Furion architecture.

It’s the first major upgrade since the introduction of Rogue, the architecture currently used in iPhone 7, and it’s capable of powering 4K smartphone and tablet displays with four times the resolution of 1080p.

The New Apple TV May Not Be Ready For Tomorrow’s iPad Event [Rumor]


The next version of Apple TV may allow you to take your viewing with you wherever you go. Photo: Apple
The next version of Apple TV may allow you to take your viewing with you wherever you go. Photo: Apple

While the highlight of Apple’s press event on Tuesday will undoubtedly be its new iPads, we were also expecting the Cupertino company to announce a new Apple TV. But a new report suggests the fourth-generation set-top box has been “delayed a bit,” and that it won’t be ready for tomorrow’s event after all.

Chinese Manufacturer Teases World’s First Smartphone With 2K Display



When it comes to smartphone displays, how many pixels is too many? Most of us believe the current crop of 1080p displays shipping with today’s flagships provide more than enough for our handheld devices, but Chinese manufacturer Vivo disagrees.

The company has begun teasing the Xplay3S, its new smartphone that will become the world’s first with a 2K display. 

Even Nokia Is Fed Up With Microsoft’s Lack Of Interest In Windows Phone



Windows Phone has been struggling to catch up to Android and iOS ever since its release, and most would blame the platform’s lack of apps and Microsoft’s leisurely approach to adopting the latest technologies. And it’s not just consumers that are becoming frustrated with the situation.

Even Nokia, Microsoft’s biggest Windows Phone partner, wants the software giant to get a move on and make the mobile platform more of a priority.