Apple TV To Get Refresh At March iPad 3 Announcement [Rumor]


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With Apple expected to announce the iPad 3 during the first week of March, rumors regarding the upcoming tablet have reached a fever pitch. Little attention has been given to the Apple TV, besides the occasional ‘iTV’ rumor and pundit speculation.

Supply shortages across several key retailers suggest that Apple’s set-top box will be seeing a significant update within the next few weeks.

9to5Mac notes that inventory for the current Apple TV across multiple retailers, including BestBuy and Amazon, is running low. Large U.S. retailers like Walmart and Target are also listing the second-gen Apple TV as either out of stock or shipping within 2-5 weeks. This type of activity usually indicates an imminent product refresh, and Apple is already rumored to hold a media event for the iPad in a few weeks.

Furthering the speculation, MacRumors believes that Apple could be ready to unveil 1080p HD video iTunes content. If the iPad 3 does indeed feature a ‘Retina’ 2048×1536 display, Apple will need to upgrade its video offerings. (Although a Retina display iPad would still have a resolution that’s greater than full, 1080p HD.) iTunes currently serves 720p video, and that’s the maximum resolution that the current Apple TV supports. iOS 5 has indicated that 1080p playback is coming to iOS devices for months.

“AppleTV3,1” iOS 5 code references were discovered back in October. Considering that the iTV isn’t expected to surface until late-2012/2013, the Apple TV set-top box should see at least one refresh before it takes a back seat to something bigger. If there was any reason to update the Apple TV right now, it would be for 1080p video and the A6 processor. Apple certainly wouldn’t hold an event for the Apple TV only, so next month’s iPad event sounds like the perfect date. Not to mention that the supply shortages and shipping delays for the current model match up for an announcement during early-March.

What do you think? Will we see a new Apple TV alongside the iPad 3 in March?

  • recyclops117

    We already knew thi… oh that’s right its Sunday.

  • AlterThending

    Nooooo. I just bought one last week! lol May have to return it with Best Buy Reward Zone 45 day period. 

  • Ryan Whitford

    If only they would release access to Hulu Plus…

  • poppa1138

    I was going to buy a Apple TV2,now I think I will hang on..

  • Jordan Clay

    I may even subscribe to Hulu if that was the case

  • minimalist1969

    Apple may do 1080 resolution for marketing reasons bit it will hardly make video look better on a 10″ screen.  Most people can’t tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 50″ screen from 10 feet away.   I really wish Apple would focus on a more comprehensive way to deliver content than HD resolution p@ssing contests. 

  • z0mki

    I tend to use my AppleTV 2 fairly often and would love an upgrade. 1080p would be great but is asking for the ability to run apps natively too much?

  • Stevaroo01

    Same here!

  • MacGoo

    I’ll take one. Upgraded my TV since I bought the Apple TV 2, so 1080p would be nice now. But I don’t see apps coming until the iTV later this year.

  • David_Lazarus

    I was planning on an Apple TV once it was capable of handling 1080p. The plan was to mirror from the iPad2 to an HDTV via the Apple TV. Since the iPad 3 will also have 1080p capability then it would be sensible to upgrade the Apple TV. As for an Apple iTV I am still not so sure it even exists except in fantasy.

  • NapMan

    Of course.  I got an iPad 2 in November and an Apple TV in December.

  • kennethwilsonuk

    for what its worth i was contemplating getting an apple tv today after saving up for one for a few months only to discover i COULDNT buy one on the high street in coventry uk where i live! None of the stores here like comet or argos or dixons etc stock it in the store or online and only place its appearing for sale online at least here in the uk is directly from!

    i hope there is a refresh coming soon as baseball season is approaching and one of the reasons i was getting one of the apple tv’s is for the ability as I’m a subscriber to the service….. 

    Here’s Hoping!!!