Tim Cook gets sacked by Twitter for blurry Super Bowl photo


Twitter is not impressed with Tim Cook's photography skills.
Twitter is not impressed with Tim Cook's photography skills.
Photo: Tim CookTwitter

Apple didn’t shell out for a super-expensive Super Bowl commercial last night, but CEO Tim Cook still managed to bring tons of attention to the iPhone — just not in the way he intended.

Celebrating the Bronco’s ugly victory over the Panthers last night, Cook tweeted a picture of the post-game festivities from the 20 yard line. It’s a position millions of people would’ve died to be in, but the only thing Twitter seemed to care about was how horribly blurry Tim’s photo turned out, leading to a flood of “shot on iPhone” jokes.

Emoji becomes art in ‘Tiny Gallery’ on Twitter


Gallery by Ryan McGuire - Pixabay tiny gallery
Tiny Gallery is like this but, like, way smaller.
Photo: Ryan McGuire/Pixabay

A new Twitter account called Tiny Gallery will fill your feed with cute scenes from the world’s smallest art space. But it doesn’t use photographs to take you there.

Instead, the creator uses a combination of punctuation marks and emojis to build and paint walls, hang pieces, and populate the little place with visitors. And it’s exactly as cute as it sounds.

Twitter wants to borrow some of Apple’s PR black magic


Twitter is testing auto-playing video. Photo:
Twitter's looking to hire Apple's former Senior Director of Worldwide Corporate Communications.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Compared to tech companies whose PR departments act like celebrity hangers-on, bigging you up and laughing at your jokes to win favor, Apple’s uber-succesful public relations department is more like the movie Mean Girls in its approach to those not on its wanted list.

And with the proposed new hiring of a former Apple communications wizard, it seems that Twitter’s looking to get in on the Cupertino-style action.

Twitter doesn’t force ads upon ‘VIP’ users


I'm not famous enough to lose promoted tweets.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Our Twitter timelines have become swamped with ads and sponsored tweets, but if you’re famous enough, you don’t have to see them.

To provide its “VIP” users with a greater experience, and to prevent them from wandering to rival services, Twitter has all but stopped injecting ads into their timelines.