‘AppleSupport’ has been tweeting like tweens


AppleSupport Twitter
AppleSupport is open for every question on Twitter.
Photo: Twitter

It’s only been around for about 33 hours, and it was off for nine of them, but Apple’s official support Twitter account has averaged about 1.8 tweets per minute since it premiered yesterday morning.

That amounts to a total (as of this writing) of 3,492 posts, most of which are in direct reply to iDevice users who could use a hand.

Apple Support comes to your rescue on Twitter


Apple's got your back.
Photo: Apple

If you’ve got a question for Apple — or simply want to pick up some new tips and tricks for your iOS device or Mac — Apple has launched a brand new Twitter account to help you.

Launched this morning, @AppleSupport has already sent out 137 tweets, covering everything from Apple IDs to downloading app updates, to its 21,200 users.

Apple’s biggest rivals come to its legal defense


Tim Cook's tech friends are coming to Apple's defense.
Tim Cook's tech friends are coming to Apple's defense.
Photo: ABC News

The FBI’s demand that Apple build a backdoor into a terrorist’s iPhone has done the seemingly impossible by getting Microsoft, Google and Apple all on the same team.

Many of the country’s top tech firms have revealed that they will file friend-of-the court briefs in defense of Apple’s position that no company should be compelled by the government to break its own security and thus put the public safety of millions of users at risk.

Look at how Apple’s new flagship store is coming along


Yet another Apple Store is coming to SF.
Photo: Steve Rhodes/Flickr CC

The new Apple Store coming soon to San Francisco appears to be making decent progress. Leo Cheng snapped a nice photo from Solano Labs across the street from the new location and tweeted it at us. The store still looks like a hot mess, but the workers are apparently working on the glass doors for the entrance in this picture. Take a look.

iOS vs. ISIS: Apple working with U.S. government to fight terror


Apple iPhone logo for general use.
Apple is doing its bit to combat terrorism.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple may not be willing to help hack its iPhones for the FBI, but (contrary to certain spin) it’s in no way supportive of terrorism, either.

To demonstrate this, Apple is one of several tech and media companies which met with the Justice Department yesterday to discuss ways to counter the spread of ISIS messaging on social media platforms.