Twitter for Mac will be way better than just an iPad port


Twitter for Mac
Twitter for Mac will have features not in the iPad version.
Photo: Twitter/Cult of Mac

Twitter recently promised to bring its iPad application to macOS, and the now the company says this will have Mac-specific features, like support for multiple, resizable windows

The re-release of this social-networking software one of the fruits of Project Catalyst, which enables iPad applications to be ported to Mac with relative ease.

Viral ad mocks insane price of Apple’s Pro Stand


Pro Stand
Apple quickly moved on from this slide.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s competitors are quickly taking aim at the outrageous price of the company’s new Pro Stand that was revealed at the WWDC 2019 keynote this morning.

Taiwan-based electronics company MSI tweeted out a funny mock-ad this week comparing the price and specs of the Pro Stand with its latest 34-inch 5K monitor and it’s going viral all over the internet.

DJ’s MacBook Pro catches fire in shocking video


White panda
If this incident is any indication, White Panda’s next remix will be lit.
Photo: White Panda

Video of a MacBook Pro catching fire is getting a lot of views on Reddit and Twitter this morning showing a potentially deadly situation.

White Panda, a DJ from the U.S., posted video yesterday of his MacBook Pro a few minutes after the explosion happened. He claims it burst into flame while plugged into its charger.

Watch what happened:

Twitter now lets you add GIFs, video or photos to retweets


Twitter says this feature was much-demanded by users.
Photo: Twitter

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to add a GIF into your Twitter retweet (and what self-respecting citizen of 2019 has not?), this is your lucky day!

Twitter has introduced the ability for users to retweet a message with an accompanying GIF, photo or video. “People come to Twitter to share their thoughts on interests, events, and news, and we wanted to give them more ways to express themselves,” the company said. “Also, you asked for this!”

How to share podcast clips with Overcast


Overcast clip sharing
Share podcast clips in Overcast.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

You’re listening to an awesome podcast, and one of the hosts makes a super-smart point about a fascinating subject. It’s so good that you just want to share it with people. But how? Tweet a link to the podcast along with a timecode so folks can hunt down that pithy quip themselves? Good luck! People on Twitter are too lazy to… well, they’re just too lazy.

But if you use the Overcast podcast player app, then you can now share a short audio or video clip of any podcast, to Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else. It’s dead easy, and it might be the best thing to happen to podcasts in quite a while.

Mute Twitter keywords to avoid spoilers


Mute twitter
Shut! Up!
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Twitter is a swamp of spoilers. You can’t move for tweets about the plot of the new Star Wars movie or spoilers about whatever new TV show is dropping all its new episodes this week. There are two ways to avoid spoilers. One is to avoid Twitter entirely.

The other is to mute keywords, so you don’t see references to — well, references to whatever you want. Mutes don’t have to be about the long-awaited meeting between Spock and Obi-Wan, though. You can mute anything. You could avoid all mentions of President Donald Trump, for example. Brits could stanch the flow of Brexit mentions. Or you might temporarily mute mentions of a sports event if it’s taking over your timeline.

Samsung’s folding smartphones break on Day 1


Galaxy Fold front
The Galaxy Fold has some major problems.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold smartphone has a serious problem with its folding display.

Multiple early reviewers are reporting that the display has broken after just one or two days of use. It appears that the hinge on some units is defective, causing the screen to be unusable.

Check out these tweets of the carnage:

Twitter cuts follow limit to crack down on spam


Twitter logo
Twitter just made life harder for spammers.
Photo: Twitter

Twitter has reduced its limit on the number of people you can follow in one day in an effort to crack down on spammers.

The new limit, which is 400, is designed to prevent new accounts from following a large number of people and then removing them in a “bulk aggressive or indiscriminate manner.”