Tim Cook lights up World Photography Day with gorgeous iPhone pix


Tim Cook retweets photo for World Photography Day
Beautifully #shotoniphone in the Netherlands.
Screenshot: Patrick Smit/Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook never has to think about how best to observe World Photography Day. He can search Twitter for the hashtag “Shot on iPhone” and look for moving images to repost.

Cook’s curation never disappoints as evident by today’s observance of an unofficial holiday honoring dedicated shooters.

Cook, of course, has a very practical reason for celebrating World Photography Day. Apple’s iPhone camera is considered the spark that turned everyone into photographers. The iPhone also made Apple one of the world’s richest companies.

Apple spends great amounts of money showing off its community of iPhone photographers on billboards, in magazine ads and on television.

Retweeting some stunning photos is a little free advertising.

“Happy #WorldPhotographyDay!,” Cook wrote. “Today and every day we are inspired by what our customers capture with iPhone. Take a look at some of our recent favorites from around the world.”