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Batman and Superman disagree on everything

Seriously, didn't you see this trailer? Photo: How It Should Have Ended

Seriously, didn’t you see this trailer? Photo: How It Should Have Ended

Here’s what would happen if Superman and Batman got together for coffee to talk about the big trailer reveal of the past week.

No, it’s not Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Instead, Supes is excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and calls it the best trailer out there. Batman tries to get the Man of Steel to consider their own dual trailer to no avail.

Superhero banter, sarcasm, and some pretty funny lines ahead. You’ve been warned.

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This is the best Game of Thrones recap ever

Key and Peele GoT

Game of Thrones…is coming. The fifth season takes over your Apple TV this Sunday and we’re all pumped for the latest intrigue, dragons, and deeply menacing looks. Not to mention all the great naked people.

If you’ve missed the first four seasons of Game of Thrones, however, you have two choices.

You can binge watch all 40 hours of HBO’s take on George R.R. Martin’s blood and sex-fest, or you can catch up in two minutes, 49 seconds, with this absolutely hilarious recap from comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

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New comedy web series Spooked is scary good


When the walls and pottery starts shaking in spooky ways, newlyweds Donna Johnson and Carol-Anne decide to call the Paranormal Investigation Team, or P.I.T. This ragtag team of ghost busters, led by Connor, the lovelorn managing director, must prove themselves as professionals to keep the gig, and save the day.

This new web series, part of geek-favorite Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry media collective, is surprisingly well written and acted, and is as well-produced as any new TV show, even though it’s only on the web.

The first episode (embedded below) shows a lot of promise and anyone with an interest in geeky television shows about ghosts and goofy nerds should take a look.

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Weird Buddy Cop Movie Filmed On iPhones, Distributed Via Instagram – ‘Steady And Shakes’

steady and shakes bts 4

David Koechner (Anchorman, The Office) rounded up some pals, including actor friend Harlan Williams (Half Baked, Dumb & Dumber) and released an eight-part short comedy about two beat cops, named Steady and Shakes, in 15 second clips via Instagram video.

Koechner plays the oblivious vocal partner, while Williams plays Shakes, the shaking, quiet one. They spend their time onscreen invading the wrong house, and almost dropping a baby they save from a burning building.

You can check out the full two minute short film on Koechner’s Instagram page, starting with the intro clip, here.

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And Now For Something Completely Different: Python Sketches For Your Pocket [Review]

And Now For Something Completely Different: Python Sketches For Your Pocket [Review]

I'm sorry I have a cold

Readers, your desperate wish to have Monty Python in your pocket everywhere you go has finally – finally – been granted. With Python Bytes on your iOS device, you need never be far from a quick spurt of Pythonism whenever you feel the need for it.

So whether you must hear the Parrot Sketch while waiting for the bus, or would like to pass the time in dull corporate meetings by watching Michael Palin do the Lumberjack Song, or simply enjoy seeing John Cleese in a pink bra; whatever the circumstances, this is the app for you. Possibly.

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Old German Man Uses His iPad As A Cutting Board [Video]

Old German Man Uses His iPad As A Cutting Board [Video]

Give most elderly people an iPad and even if they are not tech savvy, they suddenly just get it. Unfortunately, not so for this guy from a German comedy show, who puts his iPad’s Gorilla Glass coating and liquid damage indicators to the test by using his brand new tablet as a chopping board. His daughter’s expression at the end pretty much covers the same surge of horror I feel at the idea of using my new $829 iPad Wi-Fi + LTE for similar ends.

[via AllThingsD]

How Far Can You Push Apple Store Geniuses Before You Get Kicked Out? Pretty Far. [Humor]

The Geniuses at your local Apple Store are trained to be some of the most confident and unflappable retail employees in the biz, but how far can you push it? Can you order a pizza in an Apple Store? Can you take your wife on a date to one? Can you get your iPhone repaired dressed as Darth Vader? Can you bring your pet goat into the store?

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Found: Malcolm Tucker’s Lost iPhone

Malcolm Tucker's Missing Phone

British iPhone owners who enjoy foul-mouthed comedy will be delighted to learn that there’s a new, official Malcolm Tucker iPhone app to download for a mere four fine English pounds.

Tucker is the brutal, thuggish political spin doctor character in UK comedy show The Thick Of It. His adventures in swearing are legendary.

“Foul-mouthed” hardly does him justice, to be honest. If there’s a %^&@ way he can think of to @*(! your day and shove your @*($@$@% through your @£[/*$ until you’re bleeding £!*++ out of your !&@*, Tucker will say so.

And now he’s on your iPhone – or you’re on his, so to speak. The Missing Phone app pretends to be Tucker’s phone, and you’ve just found it. I’ll leave you to guess which four-letter passcode might unlock it, and discover the top-secret emails and text messages stored within.