Website lets you be a bigger blowhard than Donald Trump


Trump did not win Iowa. Sound the horns!
Trump did not win Iowa. Sound the horns!

The headlines that once elevated Donald Trump now predict his fall from presidential politics. If his second-place showing in the Iowa caucuses is an indication, the comedy will soon turn toward Ted Cruz.

Variety even magazine headlined one story: “Donald Trump: Is the Joke Over?” It doesn’t have to be, thanks to a website that lets you blow a loud trumpet in his face and send his much-talked-about combover flying in the breeze.

Just click on and aim the trumpet from any direction at the man famous for tooting his own horn. People already have sounded the horn at a shifty-eyed Trump face more than 6 million times, but magically, the hair returns to its carefully styled look after each blow. The site was designed by Stockholm creative agency Animal.

The Donald, who said in one stump speech that he would “make” Apple build Macs in the United States, has inspired plenty of comedy since he began his run for the Republican nomination. A number of similar sites have popped up for lovers and haters alike to express their feelings about him.

There is an online Donald Trump pinball game. In September, Cult of Mac wrote about a website game called “Paint with Donald Trump,” which let visitors create art using the many faces of Trump.

Source: The Next Web