This is the best Game of Thrones recap ever


Key and Peele GoT

Game of Thrones…is coming. The fifth season takes over your Apple TV this Sunday and we’re all pumped for the latest intrigue, dragons, and deeply menacing looks. Not to mention all the great naked people.

If you’ve missed the first four seasons of Game of Thrones, however, you have two choices.

You can binge watch all 40 hours of HBO’s take on George R.R. Martin’s blood and sex-fest, or you can catch up in two minutes, 49 seconds, with this absolutely hilarious recap from comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

The two men ham it up as two parking valets with a passion for Khaleesi, the Hound, the straight up murder of their boy, Ned Stark, and…the Dinkles.

The end of the sketch? Pure fan service. Check it out.

Now, of course, you’ll probably want to go back and watch all the details again before Sunday night’s premiere of Game of Throne‘s fifth season, but this funny video is a great way to remember how it feels to be a fan of the show.

Key & Peele is currently in reruns on Comedy Central, but should have new shows this summer.