Weird Buddy Cop Movie Filmed On iPhones, Distributed Via Instagram – ‘Steady And Shakes’


steady and shakes bts 4

David Koechner (Anchorman, The Office) rounded up some pals, including actor friend Harlan Williams (Half Baked, Dumb & Dumber) and released an eight-part short comedy about two beat cops, named Steady and Shakes, in 15 second clips via Instagram video.

Koechner plays the oblivious vocal partner, while Williams plays Shakes, the shaking, quiet one. They spend their time onscreen invading the wrong house, and almost dropping a baby they save from a burning building.

You can check out the full two minute short film on Koechner’s Instagram page, starting with the intro clip, here.

Apparently, the idea for the film, “Steady and Shakes” came to the two actors years ago, all but forgotten until they saw the ease of distribution with Instagram video, something even larger movies are starting to use to promote films, like this trailer for the upcoming Ashton Kutcher film, Jobs.

Steady and Shakes was filmed over an afternoon at Koechner’s home, using iPhones, simple props, and super short takes. The music and sound effects were added in live via nearby phones and laptops, and the extras are Koechner’s friends, family, and neighbors.

Koechner has experience in social video projects, with his own YouTube channel for the original short films he produces.

The group is planning to conclude the storyline of Steady and Shakes this coming August. The reason it’s a two parter? Koechner had an RV trip to pack for. Ahhh, Hollywood.

Source: David Koechner’s Instagram page