Prius backup camera takes filmmaking in new direction


This director has a vision and sees what's behind him.
This director has a vision and sees what's behind him.
Photo: I Want My Mommy/YouTube

The iPhone as a tool for filmmaking made us gasp and marvel last year. Are there any other cinematic frontiers left to conquer?

The sketch comedy troupe I Want My Mommy has taken the feature film in a whole new direction – reverse. It shot a feature film with the backup camera on the Toyota Prius.

Check Your Surroundings For Safety lampoons those “Behind-the-scenes” short documentaries that accompany the extras of a film released on DVD. It focuses on a dedicated film crew as they explain their artistic vision as articulated through the ultra-wide-angle view of the rear of the Prius.

This hilarious six-and-a-half-minute short is not likely to garner the attention of the movie Tangerine, one of the most talked about films at the Sundance Film Festival last year, in part because the entire movie was shot with the iPhone 5s.

But it could be the funniest thing you see this week, its best character being a self-important, scarf-wearing director named Mateo St. Portugal.

“The Prius backup camera is the only camera that is able to run a person over,” a dramatic and breathy St. Portugal explains. “Other cameras do not run them over because they are not cars.”

Check Your Surroundings For Safety is the 13th video made by the Los Angeles-based comedy team.

Source: PetaPixel