Apple starts a sticker fight in wacky new iPhone 7 ad


How strong is your sticker game?
How strong is your sticker game?
Photo: Apple

Apple is in love with stickers in its latest ad for the iPhone 7 that touts the popularity of the new iMessage feature.

The wacky minute-long ad called “Sticker Fight” follows a group of teenagers as they attack older folks with a barrage of animated stickers in the real-world. Eventually an all-out war breaks out in a restaurant as diners pelt each other with colorful cartoons and other images.

Check it out:

These Cool Keyboard Decals Add A Splash Of Color And Protection To Your Mac [Review]


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These snazzy keyboard decals from MyBanana are a relatively cheap and simple way to add a splash of color and protection to your Mac.

Priced at £17 ($27), and available in a number of styles — including Lego bricks and rainbows — the decals are made from a waterproof vinyl that’s designed to last, no matter how often your greasy fingers caress them throughout the day.

If you want to protect your Mac’s keys from everyday wear and tear, these decals could be ideal. But do they work?