Twitterrific 6 brings colorful themes, media improvements, big features

Twitterrific 6 brings colorful themes, better media, big features


You can enjoy it all for free for the first time.
Photo: Iconfactory

A brand new version of the Twitterrific app is now available on iOS.

Twitterrific 6 comes with gorgeous new themes, welcome media improvements, and a host of terrific new features. It also makes the app easier than ever to enjoy, with everything available for free for the first time.

Twitter has made it increasingly difficult for its users to enjoy third-party clients. But despite this, the likes of Twitterrific haven’t given up, and they continue to provide new reasons to avoid the official Twitter app.

Twitterrific 6 has lots of them, and there are a number of ways in which you can take advantage of them. But before we get into that, let’s run through its long list of new features and improvements.

Twitterrific is better than ever

One of the most obvious changes to Twitterrific is its catalog of gorgeous new themes. Most clients offer light and dark modes, but Twitterrific 6 has five different looks to choose from for those who like a bit color.

There are lots of other visual improvements elsewhere.

Sharp edges have been swapped for rounded corners, and the tab bar and icons have been given a little polish. The app also comes with a new font, and five Home screen icons to choose from.

A better handle on multimedia

The other big improvement is to the way in which Twitterrific handles media. It no longer crops image previews to make them fit a certain aspect ratio, while videos and animated GIFs will automatically play as you scroll your timeline.

Autoplay can be turned off, of course, and all videos are muted until you actually tap on them.

Other additions include a new iMessage sticker pack, and high contrast text option, and built-in GIPHY support.

You choose how you use Twitterrific

What’s really great about Twitterrific 6 is that it’s entirely up to you how access it.

If you don’t mind ads, all of its features can be enjoyed for free for the first time. If you would rather not see ads, you can sign up for the new Twitterrific subscription priced at $0.99 a month or $9.99 a year.

There’s also a one-time purchase option, which gets you an ad-free experience for life for $30.

You can download Twitterrific 6 from the App Store now.