Twitterrific update improves direct messaging and keyboard support

Twitterrific update improves direct messaging and keyboard support


Twitterrific iPhone
Twitterrific is now even better on iOS.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Twitterrific 5, one of the best third-party Twitter clients for iOS, just got a new update that makes big improvements to direct messaging and keyboard support. Users can finally send images and videos, and it couldn’t be easier to insert them.

If the official Twitter client just doesn’t do it for you, Twitterrific and Tweebot are the go-to third-party alternatives. Both offer beautiful designs and a ton of great features fit for pro Twitter users. Now Twitterrific is catching up by improving direct messaging.

Twitterrific supports images and videos in DMs

Twitterrific’s latest update finally lets you send images and videos in DMs. You can insert them by tapping the camera icon and selecting a file in your library, by pasting something from your clipboard, or by dragging and dropping content from another app on your iPad.

To quickly insert the last photo you captured, or to select a file from another source (not Photos), simply tap and hold the camera icon.

This update also improves keyboard support, and adds a CMD-D shortcut that starts a direct message to a tweet’s author. Suggested muffle rules now include relevant deactivated rules, and there’s a number of important bug fixes to quash pesky glitches.

The latest version of Twitterrific is available from the App Store now, and it’s free on iOS.