Twitterrific Now Takes Advantage Of Apple’s 64-Bit A7 Processor


  • iJustinCabral

    Very cool but has absolutely no real impact on the performance of the app.

  • ovan

    You don’t need 64 bit to make a Twitter client fast. But what worries me most in this “article”: the mention of “arguably the best third-party Twitter client”. Seriously, who said that? Horrible UX, and you can read 3 tweets at a time.

  • Floyd Style

    what a useless feature imo :(
    I stopped using that app even if was updated with new GUI before tweetbot because there is no list management like tweetbot does.

  • MathieuLLF

    Twitterrific is an ok app at best. Tweetbot even without it’s iOS 7 update is still the best iOS Twitter client.