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Twitterrific Goes Freemium In The App Store


Twitterrific iPhone
Twitterrific is now even better on iOS.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Twitterrific, the oldest Twitter client in existence, changed its business model today in the App Store. Instead of charging $3 to download, Twitterrific 5 is now free and ad supported.

“Today marks a new era for our venerable Twitter client, Twitterrific,” notes The Iconfactory. “We’re pleased to say that with the 5.7 update, Twitterrific is now free to download from the App Store. It is supported by revenue from Deck Network ads displayed at the top of the timeline and in-app purchases that unlock advanced features such as push notifications and tweet translation.”

The switch to freemium is an attempt to gain more traction in the App Store. Gedeon Maheux of The Iconfactory explains:

“Simply put, we’re hoping that by making the app free to download and use, we’ll get Twitterrific into the hands of thousands more people and those additional users will help support development via the increased ad revenue far into the future. The best part is that thanks to new App Store receipt handling in iOS 7, existing paid users are grandfathered into the new model and don’t have to restore any purchases. The app, with all it’s features, just works.”

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