Twitter may have found a way to make itself a bit more savage


Twitter may have found a way to make itself a bit more savage
Twitter asked some iPhone users to test upvoting and downvoting replies to tweets, instead of just liking some.
Photo: Twitter

Twitter is running an experiment that lets iPhone users downvote a reply to a tweet. It tests allowing users to actively show that they disagree with a response to a post on the social-networking service.

Twitter is often a venue for people to angrily argue politics, sports, entertainment, etc. Giving people the ability to downvote each other isn’t likely to calm the storm.


Apple lets Parlor return to the App Store after promises of moderation
Parler is expected to be back on the App Store after changing moderation policies.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple puts Parler on notice: Moderate or disappear


Parler was founded by free-speech advocates not likely to start moderating comments.
Parler was reportedly used to plan the attack on the US Capital. Now it could be out of the App Store.
Photo: Parler

Apple told Parler on Friday that it must either begin moderating “dangerous and harmful” comments posted by users or its application will be removed from the iPhone App Store. The free speech site popular with supporters of President Trump reportedly has until Saturday morning to come up with a “moderation improvement plan” or it’ll be removed.

The move comes because Parler has been accused of being used to plan the attack on the U.S. Capital on Wednesday.

Twitter considers orange color as fake news warning


A Twitter posts with fake news gets a big warning sign.
Warning messages like this one could soon appear on Twitter posts with fake news.
Photo: Twitter/Cult of Mac

Twitter is looking for ways to notify its readers when posts by politicians are judged to be factually untrue. The social-networking service is considering attaching large, orange “harmfully misleading” warnings to posts that are fake news.

Tinder Loops show videos before you swipe left


Tinder Loops are videos people can swipe left or swipe right on.
Tinder Loops are videos people can swipe left or swipe right on.
Photo: Tinder

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a video? The dating service Tinder now lets you upload a very short video along with pictures. The idea is these Tinder Loops will better reflect your personality.

Sorry Android, tut this feature is only available for iOS devices.

Tinder explores becoming slightly less of a hookup app


Tinder Picks currently only for iPhone
The new Tinder Picks option -- currently testing exclusively on iOS -- helps you find people you have something in common with.
Photo: Tinder

Tinder Picks is a feature this dating app is testing that might make it a better way to find people you’re compatible with emotionally, not just sexually.

Picks takes the user’s profile and shows them pictures of people who have similar jobs, educations, and interests.

Instagram might finally get a ‘regram’ button


These Instagram tips will help you connect with photographers who share your interests.
Currating your feed is about to get even easier.
Photo: Lee Peterson/Cult of Mac

Reposting your favorite photos on Instagram is about to get a lot easier if a new feature that’s currently in testing makes it out to the public.

Instagram appears to be testing a button that allows users to “regram” button that allows users to share posts to their timeline. There’s no guarantee when the feature will make it out to the public, but it if it does, it could finally mean the end of horrible third-party reposting apps.