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Apple tipsters can’t agree on 15-inch MacBook Air release window


15-inch MacBook Air rumor
A 15-inch MacBook Air has been the topic of many leaks.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Multiple sources concur that the first ever 15-inch MacBook Air will launch in the coming months. What they don’t agree on is exactly what month that will be.

One very reliable source says the largest MacBook Air ever will be out in April, but an equally reliable one says it might not debut until summer.

Apple now charges more for iPhone, iPad and MacBook battery replacements


iOS update does not deliver promised iPhone battery improvement
Battery replacement is getting expensive for iPhones, iPads, and Macs from today.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple will now charge you more to replace your iPhone or MacBook’s battery. The higher battery replacement prices are also applicable for iPads.

The company first revealed the battery replacement price increase in a support document on its website at the beginning of 2023.

Apple boosts iPhone, Mac and iPad trade-in values


MacBook, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch
Users of many Apple computers can trade them in for cash.
Photo: Apple

Apple bumped how much it will pay for trading in used products. An iPhone 13 series model now brings in as much as $600, a previous-generation iPad Air is worth up to $320, while the trade-in value for a MacBook Pro is as much as $730.

The payouts have increased up to $160 when compared to what Apple was offering last week.

15.5-inch MacBook Air could arrive in April


2022 MacBook Air with M2 processor
The 2022 MacBook Air with M2 processor could soon be joined by a bigger brother.
Photo: Apple

A super-size MacBook Air is supposedly right around the corner. An analyst who’s built a solid reputation for accurately predicting Apple products says the next macOS notebook will be out in six weeks or so.

This will be the first time the thin and light line of notebooks has expanded past the current 13.6-inch screen.

2023 MacBook Pro and Mac mini hit Apple store shelves


2023 MacBook Pro and Mac mini hit Apple store shelves
The wait is over for the 2023 MacBook Pro and 2023 Mac mini.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Customers around the world are now receiving the first shipments of the 2023 MacBook Pro and Mac mini. The latest Macs are also now in Apple stores.

The new macOS models can also be ordered today for quick delivery — no lengthy wait times.

6 reasons a touchscreen MacBook makes sense


A MacBook Pro with the text
A touchscreen is a logical addition to a MacBook. Here's why.
Image: karsten madsen/Pexels/Modified by Cult of Mac

You may have felt a seismic shift recently. The origin was Apple Park in Cupertino, where Tim Cook and Co. decided to start work on a touchscreen MacBook Pro. This is something the company has been adamantly against for many years, going back to a scathing comment from the late Steve Jobs.

But the computing world has changed enormously since Jobs mocked touchscreen laptops. Today, there are plenty of reasons for Apple to make one.

Mac shipments grew in 2022 while PC tanked


M2 MacBook Air review roundup: The fast and the beauteous
A redesigned MacBook Air surely helped push up 2022 Mac shipments.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s shipments of Mac desktops and notebooks grew modestly in 2022, according to market research firm. That’s in stark contrast to shipments of PCs that dropped enormously last year.

And Apple could have done even better if it hadn’t pushed back the release of new Macs past the fourth quarter.

Here’s proof that a MacBook with built-in 5G is way overdue


MacBook with built-in 5G is way overdue
There's no reason for Apple to drag its heels on a 5G MacBook
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

If you want a MacBook with 5G cellular wireless built into it, new data suggests you’re not alone. A surprising number of iPads are sold with integrated cellular connectivity. More than half, in fact.

Like tablets, today’s slim and lightweight MacBooks are ready to go anywhere. There’s no reason to force them to depend on Wi-Fi or an iPhone hotspot.

$20 or less: Apple stocking stuffers that won’t drain your wallet


Cult of Mac Store stocking stuffers for Apple fans
Great gifts at terrific prices.
Image: Amy Shamblen/Unsplash Licence/Cult of Mac

Looking for some sweet holiday gifts that won’t break the bank? The Cult of Mac Store has a massive collection of affordable stocking stuffers, sure to put a smile on the face of any Apple fan, for less than $20 each.

You’ll find cases, screen protectors, bands, stands and more from our most popular vendors. And every product has been used and approved by us, so you can be confident you’re spending your hard-earned cash on great products.

20-inch folding screen could change MacBooks forever


MacBook Folio concept smoothly merges laptop and tablet
A touchscreen MacBook might be in development. And it'll have a 20-inch folding display.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa/ADR Studio

Apple could be working on a MacBook far larger than the current 16-inch model – a 20.25-inch one is supposedly in development. But don’t picture a standard laptop, as this will supposedly use a folding display.

Such a large screen would make the macOS notebook a productivity powerhouse.