OLED displays could be coming to iPad and MacBook in 2022


MacBook Air M1 2020
Future MacBooks could come with OLED screens.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple will bring OLED displays to both the iPad and MacBook in 2022, according to a new report from Digitimes.

OLED (short for “organic light emitting diode”) screens offer several advantages over older technologies, including more-vibrant colors, higher contrast, thinner hardware and increased power efficiency.

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Amazing AR concept shows a big, big future for MacBook displays


An AR concept shows a MacBook with augmented-reality displays.
There’s no need to carry around extra screens for your MacBook if you have augmented reality.
Screenshot: Dominick Hofacker

Apple’s upcoming augmented-reality glasses could make additional MacBook screens unnecessary. An AR concept video shows how virtual displays could appear next to real ones, making the user more productive without having to carry around all that hardware.

Watch it now:

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Making MacBooks and iPads into wireless chargers is a brilliantly dumb idea


Adding wireless chargers to the MacBook Pro seems a no-brainer.
A MacBook with wireless charging is a cool idea that also comes with disadvantages.
Photo: Apple

You might someday be able to recharge an iPhone just by putting it down on your laptop. MacBook wireless charging an idea with obvious advantages … but real drawbacks, too.

It’s definitely something Apple has been looking into. On Tuesday, the company received a patent for a scheme to build wireless chargers into notebooks, tablets and handsets so they could charge each other (or an Apple Watch).

Expect exciting new MacBooks, iPad, Apple Watch and more in 2021


Expect Apple 2021 to bring exciting new MacBooks, iPads, Apple Watch features.
There are outstanding improvements coming to many Apple product in 2021.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple broke new ground in 2020, and will build on that in many ways in 2021. It should be a really significant year for Mac. And iPad and Apple Watch are expected to get important new features as well.

Plus, this could be the year a product Apple has been quietly developing finally breaks out.

How to set up your new Mac like a pro


Let's get that nice new Mac set up, shall we?
Photo: Dmitry Chernyshov

‘Tis the season for gift giving, and one of the hottest gifts around is a new Mac. If you’re one of the lucky ones to get one this year, you’ll want to rip open that box, tear off that plastic sheeting, and get to the good stuff.

Once you’ve plugged in your new Mac, you’re in for a treat, because it’s pretty easy to set up, whether you have an old Mac to transfer data from or you’re starting from scratch. There are a few choices to make along the way, though, and some essential tricks and apps you’ll want to consider, so we’re here to take you through the process.

Here is Cult of Mac’s guide to setting up your new Mac the right way.