Save $133 on the newest iMac with Retina 5K display


2020 iMac: The new iMac looks just like the old one (only faster).
The new iMac looks just like the old one (only faster).
Photo: Apple

Some retailers are already offering discounts of more than $100 on the 2020 iMac through Amazon. You can save up to $110 on the Intel Core i5 model and up to $133 on the Core i7 model — if you bag yours before the price returns to normal.

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An iMac headlines this well-lit setup [Setups]


iMac Setup: This setup is geared for productivity.
This setup is geared for productivity.
Photo: @markspurrell

Mark Spurrell is a Canadian tech YouTuber who knows a thing or two about building productive setups. His rig is geared toward getting things done. The mainstay is a 2020 27-inch iMac, a total workhorse of a machine.

He uses a sit-stand SmartDesk 2 by Autonomous. This desk is awesome for long grinds, because when he is bored of sitting, he can get new scenery with the click of a button. When he does sit down, he sits in a Kinn Chair, also made by Autonomous. This chair is basically an adapted Herman Miller Embody, the gold-standard of ergonomic office chairs. But at $419, it costs less than a third of the price.

A felt desk pad really ties this setup together [Setups]


iMac Setup
In this setup, everything is in its right place.
Photo: @landonbtw

Landon Bytheway is a Salt Lake City-based content creator for Full Time Filmmaker, a crash course on everything film. And his setup is geared for creating top-quality videos.

The linchpin is a 27-inch iMac that rests on top of a Walnut Monitor Desk Stand by Grovemade. Mounted over it is a 34-inch LG Curved UlraWide that takes this rig to the next level. In fact, Bytheway’s only complaint about the setup is the kink he gets in his neck from staring upward so long.

ARM iMac with custom Apple GPU could arrive in second half of 2021


This iMac concept reflects what a lot of people want.
Could it look something like this?
Photo: Daniel Bautista

A brand-new iMac, powered by Apple Silicon combined with a custom Apple GPU, will land during the second half of 2021, according to a new report.

Codenamed “Lifuka,” the all-in-one is expected to use 5-nanometer chips manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company — like those destined for iPhone 12 and other Apple Silicon machines later this year.

Today in Apple history: iMac G5 takes a page out of the iPod’s playbook


The iMac G5 looked like the world's biggest iPod.
The iMac G5 looked like the world's biggest iPod.
Photo: Matthew Pearce/Flickr CC

August 31: Today in Apple history: iMac G5 takes a page out of the iPod's playbook August 31, 2004: Apple launches the iMac G5, a distinctive, white plastic computer that looks a little like the world’s biggest iPod.

Housed in a 2-inch-thick enclosure reminiscent of Apple’s Cinema Displays, the new all-in-one machine bridges the gap between the pleasing plasticity of the iconic G3 iMac and the minimalist form factor of today’s ultra-slim aluminum Mac desktops.

World’s smallest iMac will make you feel like freaking Goliath


This iMac mini is smaller than an iPad mini.
A custom-built iMac mini looks like Apple's desktop but it's so little!
Screenshot: Michael Pick/The Casual Engineer

If you never looked at the iMac and wished it was way, way smaller, then you’re not Michael Pick. He built what he calls the “world’s smallest iMac.”

The modder filmed a video demonstrating the process of creating this tiny, yet fully functional, computer. Watch it now:

Why the new iMac is still a great buy, even without Apple Silicon


2020 iMac: The new iMac looks just like the old one (only faster).
The 2020 iMac is certainly worth your cash.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s newest iMac is by far the fastest yet, with huge increases in both CPU and GPU performance. It also ships with improved speakers and microphones. And yet, it seems a lot of Apple fans don’t care.

The reason? The new iMac is powered by Intel processors, like all its predecessors since 2006, instead of Apple Silicon. Since Apple revealed its plan to switch to its own custom chips at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Intel processors just don’t hold the same appeal.

But there are some great reasons to continue buying Intel-powered Macs in 2020. Here are a few.

Phil Schiller’s greatest hits! [Cult of Mac Magazine 361]


10 reasons we'll miss Pete Schiller.
Here's why we love this longtime Apple exec.
Cover: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

We’re all going to miss Phil Schiller now that he’s stepped down from his role as Apple’s marketing chief. He was a close friend of Steve Jobs, and he played a major role in Cupertino for decades.

To be clear, he’s not leaving Apple entirely. Instead, he became an Apple Fellow (and he’ll run the App Store and Apple Events). Still, it’s a big change for Cupertino. In tribute to an Apple OG, let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive Phil Schiller’s greatest hits.

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