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Oddly square LG DualUp display spotted in wild with Mac Studio [Setups]


It's hard to look at anything but that weird, square display.
It's hard to look at anything but that weird, square display.
Photo: blakespot@Reddit.com

Displays aren’t just going up from 4K to 5K and beyond, they’re also taking new forms. Today’s featured setup is the first we’ve seen with the recently released LG DualUp monitor in real-world use. It features an unusual 16:18 aspect ratio. Here it’s paired with an older LG display and a Mac Studio.

And this setup also includes Steve Jobs. Play some “Where’s Steve?” (not Waldo) and see if you can spot him.

Today in Apple history: iMac G5 takes a page out of the iPod’s playbook


The iMac G5 looked like the world's biggest iPod.
The iMac G5 looked like the world's biggest iPod.
Photo: Matthew Pearce/Flickr CC

August 31: Today in Apple history: iMac G5 takes a page out of the iPod's playbook August 31, 2004: Apple launches the iMac G5, a distinctive, white plastic computer that looks a little like the world’s biggest iPod.

Housed in a 2-inch-thick enclosure reminiscent of Apple’s Cinema Displays, the new all-in-one machine bridges the gap between the pleasing plasticity of the iconic G3 iMac and the minimalist form factor of today’s ultra-slim aluminum Mac desktops.

Bring your 2010 Mac back to life with Chrome OS Flex


Chrome OS Flex turns 2009 MacBook into a useful computer again
Transform your old Mac into a Chromebook with Chrome OS Flex
Photo: Google

Google’s Chrome OS Flex is now ready to revive Macs that are too elderly to run the latest macOS version. That includes models as far back as 2010. It turns the Mac into a Chromebook, but at least it’s an up-to-date one.

The free OS is targeted at businesses and schools, but it might become a way for individuals to bring some new life to their obsolete Macs.

Production woes result in severe drop in Mac shipments


Apple Final Cut Pro updated for latest M1 processors
Shipments fell far short of demand for the Mac Studio this spring.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s struggle to get computers assembled in China during COVID lockdowns this spring had the expected result: Mac shipments dropped 22.5% in the spring quarter of 2022, according to a market-research firm.

At least company execs can take solace from the fact that this is not a demand problem. Consumers want to buy Macs but Apple can’t supply them.

Grab the amazing M1 iMac with a sweet 10% discount


M1 iMac in orange looks sleek and understated
Photo: Apple

Looking to buy a new M1 iMac for your home or office? Amazon is offering a sweet 10% discount on the M1 iMac that drops its price to $1,345 — down from $1,499.

Stocks are limited, so take advantage of the deal as soon as possible.

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New 5-in-1 USB-C hub brings ports to the front of your iMac


The new Anker 535 puts five ports on the front of your iMac.
The new Anker 535 puts five ports on the front of your iMac.
Photo: Anker

Anker targeted a pet peeve of some iMac users Friday when it introduced a USB-C hub that puts useful ports on the front of the machine. The desktop’s own hubs are on the back, which not everybody likes.

The company designed the new 535 model, a 5-in-1 USB-C hub made of metal, specifically for the 24-inch M1 iMac, though it also works with other iMacs.

And you can get it at a launch discount. See below.

Clever DIY project hacks old iMac into a Studio Display


Clever DIY projects hacks old iMac into a Studio Display
Here's a 2014 iMac made into an external display almost a beautiful as a Studio Display.
Photo: Luke Miani

An intrepid Apple expert set out to convert an iMac on its last legs into a useful external monitor with the same general design and functionality as a new Studio Display. The inspiration comes from Apple’s recently released monitor using a 27-inch 5K LCD, as do all the iMacs made for many years.

Watch a video of this DYI project to see if this is something you’d like to do with that old iMac you have gathering dust.

iMac with M3 processor could be out much sooner than expected


iMac with M3 processor already in development
The wait for the Apple M3 processor could be shorter than expected.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Apple M2 processor hasn’t yet been released and the first report of an M3-based Mac is already out. It could launch as soon as 2023.

This might be an indication that Apple will release new versions of its Mac/iPad chip more quickly than it has until now.

Mac shipments grow even as PC market declines


M-series Macs
People are buying plenty of Macs, despite a slowdown in PC shipments.
Photo: Apple

Mac shipments grew 4.3% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2022. But its biggest rivals dropped — HP shipments plunged almost 18%, for example.

The pandemic boom in computer sales is slowing, but it’s affecting Apple less.