Sell your old Mac today and bag a bargain upgrade


Isn't it time you swapped that dusty old Mac for a new one?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

With Best Buy offering $200 off the latest MacBook Pro at right now, and big discounts on other Apple computers popping up all over the place, it’s a great time to sell your old machine and bag a bargain upgrade.

And you could just be sitting on a small fortune. Cult of Mac typically pays more for your old Apple devices than other trade-in services — and we won’t leave you waiting ages for your cash. Get a quote today and find out how much your old Mac is really worth.

Handy graphic shows every Apple product ever


How many of these Apple products have you owned?
Photo: Tucker Jaxson/Visually


Before Apple’s magical product pipeline pops out a plethora of new goodies this year,  it might be good to take a minute to appreciate the insane number of products the iPhone-maker has come out with over the last 42 years.

Keeping tabs on all the products Apple comes out within a single year is hard enough, but some ambitious person has created a detailed graphic that shows everything Apple has ever made.

Prepare to be overwhelmed by all the innovations:

New iMac stands puts 7 ports where you need ‘em


Satechi Type-C Aluminium Monitor Stand Hub for iMac
This aluminium stand saves you from having to reach around to the back of your iMac to get to the USB ports.
Photo: Satechi

Satechi just launched an aluminum iMac stand with a built-in USB-C hub. Not only will it give your computer some additional height, it makes it much easier to connect a variety of external peripherals.


The iMac comes with multiple built-in USB ports, but the ones in this hub are easier to access. 

2018 was a wild ride for Apple [Year in Review]


Year in Review Everything Apple Did 2018
It was a busy year in Cupertino.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac Year in Review 2018 2018 was a rollercoaster year for Apple — with incredible highs, massive dips, and probably an executive or two throwing up along the way.

Apple became the first $1 trillion public company in U.S. history, unleashed some amazing new products, and pulled in record amounts of cash. But it also faced lows, from the iPhone-throttling controversy to a tanking stock price at the end of the year.

One thing that can’t be said, however, is that this was an uneventful 12 months for Cupertino. Here’s a recap of some of the year’s most memorable Apple moments.

Lack of in-built dust filters damages Macs, claims class action suit


macOS high sierra
Class action lawsuit says Macs should come with built-in dust filters.
Photo: Apple

A growing class action lawsuit is seeking more plaintiffs to take Apple to court over its iMacs and MacBooks.

The accusation? That by selling computers without dust filters, Apple is willfully ignoring something which can interfere with the “functionality and use” of the high-end displays.

Amazon stocks its Apple store with new products ahead of Black Friday


Apple store
Why go to the Apple store when you can just order it on Amazon with Prime shipping?
Photo: Nadine Kahney/Cult of Mac

The biggest shopping day of 2018 is nearly upon us and Apple and Amazon are teaming up to take advantage of the spending bonanza.

As part of its new online sales deal with Apple, Amazon has recently added a bunch of Apple’s latest products to its authorized reseller page, some of which are a bit cheaper than on Apple’s website.

New iPad Pro doubles as display for new Mac mini


Processed with VSCO with 4 preset
This might be our dream computer.
Photo: Luna Display

Having a hard time deciding between whether to buy the new Mac mini or the new iPad Pro?

Why not get both and merge them into one workstation?

Luma Display revealed that its iPad app can be used with the new iPad Pro to turn it into a display for the new Mac mini. The end result is a workstation that gives you the best of both worlds for iOS and macOS.

Check out this brilliant setup:

Live blog: Apple unveils new iPads and Macs in Brooklyn


Tim Cook gets ready to open a can of Mac and iPad whoop-ass at the
Tim Cook gets ready to open a can of Mac and iPad whoop-ass at the "There's More in the Making" event in Brooklyn, New York.
Photo: Apple

The last major Apple event of 2018 is just hours away. And if the rumor mill is right, it could be the most action-packed keynote Apple has had in years.

New iPads, Macs, AirPods and more are expected to be revealed when Tim Cook and company take the stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. The show kicks off at 10 a.m. Eastern. Apple will live-stream it worldwide, but we will kick off our live blog a bit before that.

Come on in and join the fun!

What to expect from Apple’s big ‘More in the Making’ event


Apple's got a few more surprises up its sleeve.
Apple's got a few more surprises up its sleeve.
Photo: Apple

The second-biggest Apple keynote of 2018 is nearly here, and for some Mac fans, the wait can’t end soon enough.

Unlike last month’s iPhone XS keynote, all the details haven’t leaked ahead of the “There’s More in the Making” event. Still, we have a pretty good idea what Apple’s magic pipeline will pump out next Tuesday.