iMac 2021 concept will have you drooling for Apple Silicon


An iMac 2021 concept is just gorgeous
A concept artist proposes ditching the screen bezels from the iMac.

There’s good evidence Apple working on new desktop Macs, and a concept artist proposed a pair of iMacs with significantly improved designs for release in 2021. These 24-inch and 32-inch models borrow quite a bit from the iPad Pro line, including edge-to-edge displays.

New ‘A14T’ chip could power first Apple Silicon iMac


Apple Silicon
Apple announced the transition to Apple Silicon at this year's WWDC.
Photo: Apple

A version of the A14 processor in the new iPhone 12 handsets and iPad Air 4 could power the upcoming Apple Silicon iMac, a report published Tuesday claims.

The so-called A14T chip is reportedly code-named “Mt. Jade.” Like Apple’s other A14 processors, it will be made using the 5-nanometer process. Apple is also developing its own self-contained GPU, which is known inside the company as “Lifuka.”

Save $100 on the newest iMac with Retina 5K display


2020 iMac: The new iMac looks just like the old one (only faster).
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Photo: Apple

Bag your shiny new iMac 5K from Amazon today to enjoy up to $100 off the usual price. A number of configurations are now discounted, with $89.07 off the Intel Core i5 option, and $100 off the even faster Intel Core i7 model.

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iMac powered by Apple Silicon may be coming sooner than you think


The EEC says Apple is prepping both MacBooks and iMacs.
This concept iMac with an A14 processor might really be on the way.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple is prepping the first laptops and desktops to launch with macOS Big Sur 11, according to the Eurasian Economic Commission. It’s possible these will be the initial models running Apple Silicon, as this company’s switch away from Intel chips is scheduled to begin soon.

This designer’s setup is built around Macs old and new [Setups]


MacBook Pro Setup
This setup combines new and vintage Apple products.
Photo: u/jhoule1394

COVID-19 forced Jeff Houle to work remotely, which was not a problem since he prefers his personalized WFH desk rather than his drab office desk. Houle is an avid collector, whether it is Disney pins (see the cork board) or old Apple products.

But when it comes to Macs, he does not just collect them. He finds unique ways to reuse them. He held on to his iBook G4 and iMac G4 (which he got at a swap meet for $10) to play old games like the original Sim and Oregon Trail — where he probably found the iBook.

An iMac headlines this well-lit setup [Setups]


iMac Setup: This setup is geared for productivity.
This setup is geared for productivity.
Photo: @markspurrell

Mark Spurrell is a Canadian tech YouTuber who knows a thing or two about building productive setups. His rig is geared toward getting things done. The mainstay is a 2020 27-inch iMac, a total workhorse of a machine.

He uses a sit-stand SmartDesk 2 by Autonomous. This desk is awesome for long grinds, because when he is bored of sitting, he can get new scenery with the click of a button. When he does sit down, he sits in a Kinn Chair, also made by Autonomous. This chair is basically an adapted Herman Miller Embody, the gold-standard of ergonomic office chairs. But at $419, it costs less than a third of the price.

A felt desk pad really ties this setup together [Setups]


iMac Setup
In this setup, everything is in its right place.
Photo: @landonbtw

Landon Bytheway is a Salt Lake City-based content creator for Full Time Filmmaker, a crash course on everything film. And his setup is geared for creating top-quality videos.

The linchpin is a 27-inch iMac that rests on top of a Walnut Monitor Desk Stand by Grovemade. Mounted over it is a 34-inch LG Curved UlraWide that takes this rig to the next level. In fact, Bytheway’s only complaint about the setup is the kink he gets in his neck from staring upward so long.

ARM iMac with custom Apple GPU could arrive in second half of 2021


This iMac concept reflects what a lot of people want.
Could it look something like this?
Photo: Daniel Bautista

A brand-new iMac, powered by Apple Silicon combined with a custom Apple GPU, will land during the second half of 2021, according to a new report.

Codenamed “Lifuka,” the all-in-one is expected to use 5-nanometer chips manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company — like those destined for iPhone 12 and other Apple Silicon machines later this year.