Save big on AirPods, iMacs and crucial accessories [Deals & Steals]


Get a decent deal on the best Bluetooth buds around.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

In today’s edition of Deals & Steals, everything’s coming up Apple. You can save big bucks on AirPods and iMacs (with no tax collected in most of the country). And, if you’re already swimming happily in the Apple ecosystem, you might appreciate a great price on the best HomeKit-compatible light switches around. And/or a dirt-cheap deal on a wireless charger for your late-model iPhone.

Shake off that Prime Day hangover and get ready to shop!

Fallen trees make gorgeous wooden iMac stands


This old tree turns a new leaf to organize your iMac workstation.
Photo: Understands

Mike Fisher makes a living getting old, fallen trees ready for a new life in the technology sector.

The woodworker, with a shop in the “Forest City” of Rockford, Illinois, makes wooden iMac stands and shelves out fallen ash and walnut trees.

Apple back-to-school promo means free Beats for students


Beats promo
Beats and MacBooks Pros are a great combo.
Photo: Apple

Apple is back with a new back to school promotion that hooks students up with free or discounted pair of Beats headphones.

The 2018 promo is pretty similar to last year’s deal. Only instead of only being available in North America initially, this year Apple launched it simultaneously in the US, Mexico, Canada, EU and Asian countries.

New Mac mini and cheaper MacBook might finally land this fall


A new Mac Mini is finally on the way!
Photo: Apple

Apple is preparing to unleash some huge upgrades across its entire product line this fall, according to one of the most reliable analysts in the game.

Mac fans hoping for upgrades will be pleased to hear that the long-neglected Mac mini and iMac are set to get some much-needed updates, based on analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report. And most of Apple’s other products are going to get some love this fall, too.

So long, aluminum! Why the iMac needs a total redesign.


Will the iMac design ever be this exciting again? The original iMac G3.
Will the iMac ever be this exciting again?
Photo: Apple

When the first iMac debuted 20 years ago, it shook the tech world with its completely unorthodox appearance. The blobby, curvaceous and colorful computer looked, in Steve Jobs’ words, good enough to lick.

It was a statement computer, both for those who owned it and for those who made it.

However, with the iMac not having had a substantial redesign since 2012, Apple’s all-in-one desktop is getting a bit long in the tooth. It’s time for Apple to give it an overhaul with a new iMac design that would get the world excited about Macs again — and prove Apple remains committed to innovative computing.

Tim Cook vs. Steve Jobs: Who is Apple’s best CEO ever?


And the winner for best Apple CEO is ...
Both great leaders, but who managed Apple better?
Photo illustration: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Steve Jobs was a mercurial genius with a singular knack for turning bright ideas into shiny new products. Tim Cook is an operations wizard who hammered Apple’s supply chain into a manufacturing powerhouse.

If you’re an Apple fan, you know the widely accepted narrative. You’ve heard the stories about these powerful CEOs and their various strengths and weaknesses. But who helmed Apple most successfully?

We put Cupertino’s most capable execs head-to-head to determine which Apple era was really the best. Get ready to settle things once and for all!

Get the macOS 10.13.4 update that fixes security flaws


macOS high sierra
A security update for macOS 10.13.4 patches some potential problems.
Photo: Apple

Several weeks after the release of macOS 10.13.4, today came a security update that patches some holes in this High Sierra version. This isn’t so critical that it has to be installed right now, but Apple says “This update is recommended for all macOS High Sierra users.”

There’re also security fixes for Safari 11.1, which was introduced recently too.

Mac shipments grew in Q1 as PCs declined


iMac Pro
The new iMac Pro almost certainly helped give Apple a larger share of the PC market in Q1.
Photo: Brian King/Twitter

Apple was a bright spot in the global PC market last quarter. Market analysis firm Gartner says Mac shipments grew 1.5 percent, even as the total market for laptops and desktops dropped 1.4 percent.

The U.S. helped drag down the global totals, with a 2.9 percent decline. Still, that helped push up Apple’s share of the American market to 12.6%.