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Killer Mac Studio station sees (and hears) major AV upgrades [Setups]


This setup has been massively upgraded for better video calls and overall sound quality.
This setup has been massively upgraded for better video calls and overall sound quality.
Photo: Santego

Cybersecurity expert Santego shared his computer setup with Cult of Mac recently, unveiling major audio-visual upgrades in the Mac Studio and ultra-wide display rig. He wanted to improve the quality of his overall sound and his video calls.

And those additions came on top of a beautifully put together setup with great connectivity, power management and backup, as well as specialized lighting and terrific input devices.

A follower of our Setups coverage, he said “You encouraged me to upgrade the space I spend 10 hours a day in working from home.”

Mac Studio with dual displays boosts rendering a staggering 12x [Setups]


Mac Studio, check. Dual Studio Displays, check. Crippled bank account, check.
Mac Studio, check. Dual Studio Displays, check. Crippled bank account, check.
Photo: the_hell_indeed@Reddit.com

The term “money pit” usually refers to an old house that needs a lot of expensive work that never seems to end. But it could actually refer to a computer setup, too. After all, it’s never really finished and the next round of irresistible gear is always about to come out.

Today’s featured Mac Studio setup is a good example. After years of saving and planning, a setup centered on a struggling 2015 iMac metastasized, at great cost, into a Mac Studio powerhouse with dual Studio Displays.

M1 Max Mac Studio drives monster OLED display [Setups]


That giant screen is a 48-inch LG OLED monitor.
That giant screen is a 48-inch LG OLED monitor.
Photo: Taymerica1389@Reddit.com

Some well-developed computer setups go for quantity in their displays, with three or more, but others stick with a solo screen and go for quality.

And no, with today’s featured setup we’re not talking about a $5,000 Pro Display XDR. We’re talking about a massive, $1,500 OLED display.

Treat your Mac Studio right with Compulocks’ mounts, locks and stands


These Mac Studio accessories from Compulocks will
These Mac Studio accessories take Apple's high-end computer to the next level.
Photo: Compulocks

This Mac Studio accessories post is presented by Compulocks.

If you recently bought a fabulous new Mac Studio — which runs on the M1 Ultra, Apple’s fastest chip yet — then you want to treat your fancy desktop computer right, don’t you? Compulocks sells three Mac Studio accessories that can secure and mount your pristine machine to help you make the best use of its computing power.

This sick rig sports 9 Macs and 3 Apple displays [Setups]


Can you picture needing 9 Macs, including 3 top-shelf machines?
Can you picture needing 9 Macs, including 3 top-shelf machines?
Photo: Dalvenjha@Reddit.com

Occasionally a computer setup displayed on social media makes you swoon. Usually it’s a combination of amazing gear, artful arrangement and exceptional photography, like something staged by a pro. But sometimes it’s just a sick amount of awesome Apple computers and displays.

Today’s featured setup, run by a consultant who “works for several companies,” relies on four high-spec Macs, five very-nice-but-not-exceptional Macs and three Apple Displays, including a Pro Display XDR — which goes for $5,000 or more by itself.

Does your wallet hurt yet? We just took ours to the ER.

Dual Studio Displays dole out killer color consistency [Setups]


Two Studio Displays offer identical color consistency.
Two Studio Displays offer identical color consistency.
Photo: Onionpicklecake@Reddit.com

If there’s one thing Apple displays are known for, it’s high prices. OK — all joking aside — if there are two things they’re known for, it’s crisp, accurate colors and being worth the price for that level of quality.

After all, those who work or play with graphics, photos, video or animation need great color.

And if you go dual-display, it helps if they’re the same model. Today’s featured Mac Studio setup, for example, corrected mismatched displays and the resulting color inconsistency by adding a second Studio Display.

Mac Studio workstation makeover enhances whole room [Setups]


In an
In an "after" picture, one larger monitor on a desk shelf instead of two on the desk opens up the space nicely.
Photo: David_Kim@Reddit.com

With so many people working from home these days, a whole lot of them spend much of their life in one room — wherever the computer setup is, that is. And that’s all the more the case in apartments and small homes. So improving the setup can have a pretty big impact.

In today’s featured Mac Studio setup, swapping out two smaller displays for one bigger one, adding a desk shelf and making a few other changes made quite a difference in enhancing the workspace.

Production woes result in severe drop in Mac shipments


Apple Final Cut Pro updated for latest M1 processors
Shipments fell far short of demand for the Mac Studio this spring.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s struggle to get computers assembled in China during COVID lockdowns this spring had the expected result: Mac shipments dropped 22.5% in the spring quarter of 2022, according to a market-research firm.

At least company execs can take solace from the fact that this is not a demand problem. Consumers want to buy Macs but Apple can’t supply them.

Buy refurbished Mac Studio from Apple with hefty discounts [Updated]


A table of desktop Macs. Going clockwise around the table, starting at the front: the Mac Studio with Studio Display (height-adjustable stand and nano texture glass), the iMac, Mac Pro with Pro Display XDR (with Pro Stand) and Mac mini with Studio Display (tilt stand).
Save a few hundred dollars by picking up a refurbished Mac Studio.
Photo: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

Apple has started selling refurbished Mac Studio in the United States, Canada, and select other European countries. You can save up to 15% by picking up a refurbished Mac Studio instead of purchasing a brand new unit.

Update: Apple has again updated its Certified Refurbished store with fresh refurb M1 Max Mac Studio units with one-day delivery for most locations. Stocks are unlikely to last for long, so if you find a configuration you want, pull the trigger on it.