Next MacBook Air could be thinner and lighter, with MagSafe charger


MacBook Air M1 2020
The next MacBook could arrive later this year or early the next.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple’s next-gen MacBook Air will be thinner and lighter than the current version, as well as boasting a MagSafe charger and, possibly, a redesigned display.

According to a Friday report from Bloomberg, Apple is planning to launch these new laptops in the second half of 2021 or in 2022. This would be the second MacBook Air to feature Apple Silicon processors, following the M1 MacBook Air released at the end of last year.

MagSafe charger could make triumphant return to MacBook Pro this year


MagSafe was a great Apple innovation.
Photo: Gordon Mei/Flickr CC

Apple’s MagSafe branding technically made a return last year with the iPhone 12. But the MagSafe fans most fondly recall — the neat magnetic charging system for the MacBook — is also gearing up to make a comeback.

According to a Friday report from Bloomberg, Apple is bringing back MagSafe for this year’s MacBook Pro refresh. The connector will reportedly be similar in design to the “elongated pill-shape” original MagSafe. It will provide faster charging for the MacBook.

Today in Apple history: MacBook Air becomes ‘world’s thinnest notebook’


A plain manila envelope became a key stage prop for selling the MacBook Air.
A plain manila envelope became a key prop for selling the MacBook Air.
Photo: Apple

January 15: Today in Apple history: MacBook Air becomes 'world's thinnest notebook' January 15, 2008: Steve Jobs shows off the first MacBook Air at the Macworld conference, calling the revolutionary computer the “world’s thinnest notebook.”

The 13.3-inch laptop measures only 0.76 inches at its thickest point and 0.16 inches at its tapered thinnest. It also boasts a unibody aluminum design: An Apple engineering breakthrough allows the crafting of a complicated computer case from a single block of finely machined metal.

In a brilliant piece of showmanship, Jobs pulls the super-slim laptop out of a standard interoffice envelope during his keynote. (You can watch his introduction of the MacBook Air below).

Save $550 on a speedy Intel MacBook Air with 16GB RAM


Get the new MacBook Air for a big discount.
Bag yours before Intel Macs disappear for good.
Photo: Apple

Not ready to make the leap to an Apple M1 processor, but need a new notebook? Check out B&H Photo’s latest deal on the Intel MacBook Air, which is now available with 16GB of RAM at $550 off the usual price.

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This setup has a minimalism level well over 9,000 [Setups]


MacBook Air Setup
A slab of wood, some peripherals and a giant monitor are all you really need for a great setup.
Photo: Mike Leardo

When we published a Setups post with the headline “This desk has a minimalism level of over 9,000,” consultant Mike Leardo felt compelled to send in his own rig to show what peak minimalism really looks like.

You can’t get more minimalist than this — mouse, keyboard and screen.