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Indie dev Casey Liss on how he came to love SwiftUI [Planet of the Apps]


Casey Liss and Callsheet
Casey Liss, developer of a new app, Callsheet, that makes looking up movie and show trivia trivially easy.
Image: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

Pro tip bug Planet of the Apps is a series of interviews with app developers about making, marketing and maintaining apps in the App Store.

Indie developer and podcaster Casey Liss used to hate SwiftUI, Apple’s controversial UI toolkit for crafting apps. A lot of developers have a deep and abiding animus for SwiftUI, including Liss himself. But after using SwiftUI to create his latest app Callsheet, a movie and TV database app, he’s now a huge fan.

“So much of SwiftUI, I love,” he said in a wide-ranging and surprisingly-interesting interview. “I went from nothing to a fully functional app … in the span of a couple of weeks… It was stunningly fast.”

This $40 training bundle will advance you from beginner to iOS developer in 41 hours


This bundle will help you become an expert mobile app developer
This bundle will help you become an expert mobile app developer.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The iPhone 12 lineup accompanied what was arguably the biggest iOS update in years, and, as we all know, new features open the door for new apps. That, too, presents opportunities for aspiring app developers to make it big in the ever-expanding app market.

Transporter app simplifies submitting software, music, video to Apple


Transporter app in the Mac App Store
Apple’s Transporter app is designed to make uploading apps to Apple Store Connect a breeze.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple posted a Transporter application to the Mac App Store to make it easier for creators to send content to the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Books or the iTunes Store.

Previously, this was a Java-based command-line tool, so an app should be much more user friendly.

More than 200 apps won’t work with macOS Catalina


Catalina looks pretty good, but should you install the public beta already?
macOS Catalina is coming soon.
Photo: Apple

You are ready to embrace macOS Catalina. Then start saying your goodbyes to a list of 235 apps that won’t work with Catalina.

A third-party software developer running a beta version of Catalina discovered the list. Developer betas help software designers determine whether their apps will work with an operating system update before it launches.

Apple releases iOS 12 beta 7, then quickly withdraws it


iOS 12 features
iOS 12 will bring loads of new features, but not until Apple gets it throughly debugged.
Photo: Apple

The latest early-release version of iOS 12 was made available to developers today — but it disappeared shortly afterward.

This afternoon’s release of iOS 12 beta 7 was met with widespread complaints that it runs slowly. Apple seems to have pulled the OTA version within an hour or so.

Apple secretly urges iOS app makers to add subscriptions


Microsoft Word is one of thousands of titles available only through app subscription fees.
Microsoft Word is one of thousands of titles available only through app subscription fees.
Photo: Microsoft

Apple wants developers to stop selling iOS applications and start renting them instead. The reason is simple: this forces users to pay more for software.

Apple held a secret meeting in New York City last year to convince developers to give up charging users a one-time fee for apps, and go instead to reoccurring charges.

It really pays to be an iOS developer


Swift Playgrounds
Swift Playgrounds is Apple's tool for learning to code iPhone and iPad software. It's the first step to earning one of the high iOS developer salaries.
Photo: Apple

Want to make mad bank? Learn to program iOS apps. The career website Dice compiled average iOS developer salaries, and the numbers are a touch breathtaking.

The results are broken out by geographical area, with cities that have the highest costs of living also offering the most generous salaries. But even the lowest paychecks are enough to get that Porsche you’ve been wanting. Or a home and family. Whichever.